The red mist descends on my two year old!

by Anna
(Frankfurt-am- Main, Germany)

I am a proud mother of two gorgeous boys, 4 and a half and 2 and a half. Both boys have lovely natures and I was lucky to have a relatively easy time of my first boys toddlerhood. Therefore I'm finding it quite difficult dealing with my second, who has suddenly devoloped the most ferocious temper tantrums. At times I wonder if it is normal behaviour.

James finds disappointment very difficult to deal with. In the past week he has had two meltdowns of epic preportions -on the street no less!

He cannot listen to me or focus on anything, so explaining, reasoning or giving any kind of ultimatum or distraction is impossible. He wails and kicks and scratches. If I pick him up and try to calm him down I suffer injury, and if I just leave him to it, he picks himself up off the floor and runs in a random direction (terrifying- as this usually means onto a road) This means I must hold him in such a way that keeps his flailing limbs away from me (like a rugbyball under my arm) which I can understand drives him crazy...but I cannot put him down. This can last for up to 20 minutes....

Exhausted, and truthfully a bit alarmed? Is this normal behaviour?

Dr Maud Comments

Yes, this is normal behaviour. Ignoring tantrums is the best option but not something you can do while out on the street where it is unsafe.

Doing what you are doing is probably the best thing - give no attention to it if you can. So don't look flustered or distressed, just as "matter of fact" as you can.

The tantrums will disappear eventually.

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