Terrible Twos

The "terrible twos" - they're inevitable if you have a normal child. Sometimes they even start a bit earlier than 2 years!!. They don't have to be so terrible - try and understand things from your 2 year old's perspective and it might be easier for you to manage.

There is a framework for dealing with child behavior problems (to read more, click here), but sometimes it can just get exhausting dealing with a willful toddler.

Mothers (and fathers) have insight into their own toddler's behavior and what worked for them during the "terrible two's" - this is a page where you can share your knowledge and experience - what worked and what didn't!

If you are dealing with the problem at the moment, you may get some helpful ideas from the visitors' comments below. Then let us all know how you got on.


When you are frustrated with your toddler's behavior, remember this:

  • your toddler is just that - a toddler. There is no point in taking this personally
  • toddlers need to know their limits. It's up to you to make clear boundaries so they know what those limits are
  • give clear and consistent messages. If you laugh one day and are cross the next, it's just confusing for your toddler. And both parents need to be "saying" the same thing
  • don't sweat the small stuff. It will be exhausting for you and will dilute the message about the important things you want from your toddler

Share your "Terrible Two's" experience

The terrible two's can be exhausting. Maybe your story will be an inspiration to someone else who is exasperated by their willful toddler.

You can include what didn't work as well as what did!!

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Terrible Two's Stories

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...
Maybe someone else's experience will help you with your toddler.

a 3 year old who will not cry when hurt badly 
Hello, I have a 3 year old daughter who tends to bottle up her emotions when hurt. She is 'normal' in every other respect. If I see her get hurt, she …

A two in a half year old during story time... HELP!! 
My husband, two and a half year old little boy, and I have just moved to a new state. Not knowing anyone in the area or having other children that my …

Extreme terrible twos! Not rated yet
I my daughter is 2 1/2 and is very smart and high energy! She has suddenly started screaming and being uncooperative and defiant. When I try to put her …

My daughter doesn't want to stay away from Mommy for a single second Not rated yet
Hi, I am a mother of 21/2 and 11 weeks pregnant with the second child. I feel very exhausted all the time due to pregnancy and my daughter inspite of …

OUT NUMBERED!!! Not rated yet
I am a mother of twin 2 and a half yr old boys!! First let me say I LOVE THEM with ALL my Heart!!! Lately however it has been ROUGH to say the least. …

My Granddaughter is in need of your help! Not rated yet
Hello, I am watching over my 22 month old granddaughter because our daughter is deployed. She has been with us for around 8 months she cannot walk only …

Desperately seeking advice as a stay at home mom Not rated yet
My 20 month old daughter, who is the light of my life, has really started to drive myself and my husband crazy with her demands and out of control behaviours. …

Day care Not rated yet
OK, I work at a child care facility. There is a two year old in the class next to me that has serious behavior issues. I am concerned because I think this …

Terrible two's.. out of control! Not rated yet
I am very concerned about my 2 and a half year old son. He has terrible behavior. He has never acted like this before, he is so bright and soo smart for …

Concerned grandmother Not rated yet
My soon-to-be two-year-old greatgrandson is adorable and funny, but exhibits some very dangerous behaviors. He runs like the wind and unless my granddaughter …

Totally Spent Not rated yet
My son is just about 2 1/2. He is a very precocious toddler. Often times too smart for his own good. Every day is a battle. I work full time, my husband …

Is this normal behaviour from a 27 month old! Not rated yet
Hi, I have a beautiful little girl who was 2 in july, she was born 7 weeks prem and had no major problems except a under developed bowel....however this …

Out of control 2 year old Not rated yet
My two year old used to act so good now she is screaming and fighting me from 6 am till i can finally get her to sleep which is usually 8-10 after screaming …

Little man bites,hits, scratches himself out of anger. Please Help! Not rated yet
I'm a 21 year old mother of a beautiful little boy, Isaiah. When my son was newborn all nurses said "he's got such a soothing,peaceful cry.".. he was an …

My 23 Month old baby is driving me nuts Not rated yet
My 23 Month old baby is having this terrible out burst - she will scream and if I don't answer her she will start calling me my name and cry. She doesn't …

The red mist descends on my two year old! Not rated yet
I am a proud mother of two gorgeous boys, 4 and a half and 2 and a half. Both boys have lovely natures and I was lucky to have a relatively easy time of …

Only child wants constant attention Not rated yet
I have a 3 year old daughter. She is normally very good and is a loving child. She has her ups and downs and tantrums but not over the top. All normal. …

Is it terrible 2's? Not rated yet
Well my 17 month old son has bad behavior - he started at just 10 months old. He kicks, bites, smacks, scratches and pinches; he hurts his sister, me, …

Is this normal behaviour ? ? Not rated yet
My son is 2 next month. He has boundless energy & hates to be restricted in any way. Most recently he has started fighting any attempt …

I cant stop the whinning Not rated yet
I live with my in laws and it has been very hard with a new move to both me and my husband and my 2 babies. I belive it has been harder on my son - he …

Intelligent child bites HARD when out of control Not rated yet
My intelligent 26 month old is losing control during playdates, and biting & pushing other children at daycare when frustrated. He is very verbal and intelligent. …

Sophie's terrible 20 months Not rated yet
Sophie used to be a very sweet, very easy going little girl, even as a baby. But this last two weeks have been a nightmare, she's crying all the time, …

Marty - destructive behavior Not rated yet
My 2 1/2 year old son is very loving, has fanatstic language skills, always shares his toys and is never horrible and has never thrown a tantrum, however …

No Clue..Why doesn't time out work? Not rated yet
My son is two. Often he begins to get out of control for no reason. He hits and bites his mother. We put him in his room and tell him he can come meet …

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Will sharing ever really happen? Not rated yet
My son is 2 1/2 years old. He is never really around other children (other than at the park and public settings since he doesn't go to day care), and we …

ARRGHH! Time Out isn't working Not rated yet
Ok, so I follow all the infromation about time outs, etc. So when my child is out of control and I tell him I am going to give him a time out, or a spanking …

Temper Tantrum At The Doctor's Office Not rated yet
I'm actually still in the middle of the terrible two's.My son has always been a really well behaved child,easy to get along with and distract when necessary.I …

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Visitors Say

Thanks for your "straight to the point" advice! I am very happy that you decided to add your wisdom to the internet for all to read. You made a very worrisome toddler's fever day into something a lot calmer.
Fred, Sweden

Excellent website. Plain english - reassuring and direct. Great resource - thank you.
David, Australia

Dear Dr.Maud, I had to write a thank you note for all the work you put into this site to make our life easier! We had many questions and worries but we found all the answers here very easily. You helped us to find a way to make our little boy eat again and calmed our worried minds when he was sick.. So much useful information, I recommend your website to all moms and dads I know. Thank you so much, you are fantastic! Have a wonderful day! :)
Sophie, Singapore

Thank you so much. I have taken ... to three different Dr.'s and you are the first to answer my questions in a manner that I can understand. You explained everything in English for once, and told me things that none of the other Dr.'s did. Thank you again. I really appreciate your help.
Machelle, United States