Starting out with a strong willed little boy

by Elizabeth
(Pacifica, CA USA)

For a little boy who doesn't want mommy and daddy to "help" with things, here are some ideas that worked for us:

1. Let him observe daddy using the bathroom, and if possible, a potty trained boy. They love to emulate "big kids". Say to him, "Soon you'll pee in the big potty like daddy and big kids". Do this frequently from age 1 and onward.

2. Have a potty or two around the house and invite him to try sitting in it (clothed) from time to time, very casually. No pressure. Again, if he has a playmate the same age or older that can do this with him, it will be a fun game.

3. Move on to pants-free version of suggestion #2 a few times a day.

We did this with our now 25 month old, without real expectations. I thought we'd potty train in earnest at 2.5 yrs. But lo and behold he started standing over his potty and peeing one day without prompting. No BM's yet, but we're happy with this progress and it was 100% stress free. The wheels are in motion now and I'm happy this mellow approach is working. I was very nervous about potty training my strong willed little guy and didn't want a battle.

Dr Maud comments
This is great advice. Congratulations, Elizabeth, and thanks for sharing.

Remember that there are steps for successful potty training. To read more, click here.

Elizabeth did well with her toddler.

However, babies from 12 months or so will sit on the potty and often pee in the potty if you have them on it shortly after a feed, but this is not potty training, rather opportunistic use of the potty. Your child must associate the feeling of being wet with the potty or toilet for successful potty training. So even if your child is not ready yet, keep trying but don't be concerned if the response is inconsistent.

Camping holiday is the perfect time for potty training

by Q in South Africa

If you love going camping, you'll find it easier to start potty training on a camping trip. No carpets being soiled and your little one can run freely in the open air- just in trainers (weather permitting of course).

Dr Maud comments

Good advice. You can do the same at home in the summer if you have a garden. It means there's no mess. As soon as you see your toddler start to pee, take him or her to the toilet / potty, so they start to associate the feeling of passing urine with the need to go to the potty / toilet to pass it.

The key to potty training your child is that you do it when your child is ready, so they need to know when they are wet and then associate that with the potty. By having cotton underpants or no underpants on, you will know as soon as your little one wets and so will he or she. Then immediately they start to wet, if you take them to the toilet or potty, they will begin to associate the two.

Next they are to be aware of the sensation of wanting to pee before they actually do and know to get to the potty or toilet before they wet.

One step at a time, however.

To read more on the step necessary for successful toilet training your toddler, click here.

So, I agree that camping is a great time to start. If you are considering a camping trip or campervan vacation in New Zealand, you will find helpful information on the New Zealand Campervan Holidays site - click here

Good luck

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