A Pediatrician Answers Baby and Toddler Medical Questions

5th disease or slapped cheek disease causes a common toddler and infant rash

A 3 year old who will not cry when hurt badly

A Pediatrician Answers Baby and Toddler Medical Questions

A two in a half year old during story time... HELP!!

Adjusting the Constipation Medication in Infants and Toddlers

ARRGHH! Time Out isn't working

Asthma medication and management for your child- information from a pediatrician

Autism and Immunizations - the facts

Baby and Toddler Infections - information on bacterial and viral infections kids

Baby Colic - Information and Basic Treatment explained by a pediatrician

Baby Constipation - common questions answered by a pediatrician

Baby Development - Information on baby milestones and normal development

Baby Developmental Milestones gives the expected stages in the first 6 months

Baby Diaper Rash. Dr Maud discusses treatment options

Baby Foreskin Care - information for new mother of baby boys

Baby Milestones - what are primitive reflexes seen in newborn babies

Baby or Toddler Skin Rash? Diagnosis, Cause and Treatment

Baby poop and what else to expect in a baby's diaper. Medical information

Baby Thrush. Information from a pediatrician on mouth and diaper thrush

Baby Watery Eyes. What causes blocked tear duct, sticky eyes in a baby

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Blog from a Pediatrician

Breathing and blood pressure and heart rate normal values for children.

Bronchiolitis. A common cause of breathing and feeding issues in babies

Celiac Disease Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment in Children

Chicken Pox Rash and Picture with information on Vaccine

Child & Infant Immunization Schedule - what immunisations are given at what a

Child Allergy - answers to common medical questions about allergy in your child

Child Behavior Management for Breath Holding Spells

Child Developmental Milestone Progress - chart your child's development

Child Health News and Other Updates for Parents of Babies and Toddlers

Child Migraine Headache - information from a pediatrician

Childhood and Infant Immunizations

Childhood Asthma What symptoms to expect with advice on treatment

Childhood Constipation. How to manage constipation in your infant or toddler

Children Cold Sore Information from a Pediatrician, including gingivostomatitis

Colic Treatment for Babies - up-to-date information on treatment options

Common Cold and other Upper Respiratory Tract Infections.

Concerned grandmother

Constipation Remedy in an Infant or Toddler - what can be used

Cow's milk allergy in infants and toddlers

Cradle cap - and other information about seborrheic dermatitis in babies

Croup - What to do when your child has difficulty breathing with stridor

Crying Babies - Will picking them up Spoil Them

Day care

Dehydration in Infant or Toddler - Signs, Symptoms and Treatment with ORS

Desperately seeking advice as a stay at home mom

Diagnose My Skin Rash - a helpful guide to find the cause of your rash

Diflucan for Infants - information on Fluconazole used for thrush etc

Does my Toddler Have Headache - signs of headache seen in toddlers

Dr Maud gives Medical Information on Children

Ear Infections (Otitis Media) in Toddlers. Cause, treatment of ear pain

Ear Nose Throat Problems in Toddlers - otitis media, tonsillitis, nose bleeds

Egg Allergy in Babies and Toddlers - diagnosis and treatment

Febrile Convulsion (Seizure) Treatment. Information from a Pediatrician

Febrile Seizure in A Child - information from a pediatrician on fever fits

Flat Head Infants is Plagiocephaly - prevent flat spot on head of babies

Flu in Children -flu, swine flu, epidemics, keep well

Fluid in ear (glue ear) - Does your child need ear tubes (grommets) ?

Food Allergies in Infants and Toddlers. All you need to know

Functional abdominal pain in children- information from a pediatrician

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Information on acid reflux in infants

Gastroesophageal Reflux in Infants. Answers to common questions

Gaviscon Infant and Gaviscon Advance. Use for Reflux in Babies

Green Diarrhea - your infant or toddler has bright green poop - what to do

Hand Foot Mouth Disease in a Child. Information and photo from a pediatrician

House Dust Mite Allergy in Children with information on prevention

How to Burp a Baby - proper techniques for burping infants

How to Stop a Cough in a Child gives simple measures to help coughing

How to Stop Diarrhea in an Infant or Toddler. Treat the cause and probiotics

How to Stop vomiting in your infant or toddler - information from a pediatrician

How To Teach a 20 month old when she needs to potty.

How to treat head lice. Photo, insecticides, home remedies and shampoo

I cant stop the whinning

Immunization Side Effects in Children- What to Worry About. Vaccines are safe

Immunizations for Kids ? how childhood immunizations work

Impetigo in a Child. Information from a pediatrician for parents

Infant and Toddler Fever. High temperature in babies and toddlers

Infant and Toddler Health Links and other useful links for parents

Infant and Toddler Pain - information for parents about when to worry

Infant Feeding Schedule - when to add solids and other weaning information

Infant Jaundice. Information for mothers of new babies from a pediatrician

Infant Milestones - what to expect. What happens between 12 and 24 months

Infant Milestones - What To Expect. What Happens Between 12 And 24 Months

Inguinal Hernia in Baby Boys. Information for Parents from a Pediatrician

Intelligent child bites HARD when out of control

Intussusception in Infants - symptoms and signs of telescoping of the bowel

Is it terrible 2's?

Is Pneumonia Contagious in children or adults?

Is this normal behaviour ? ?

Is this normal behaviour from a 27 month old!

Itchy skin rash (urticaria) in a child or infant - information for parents

Leg Pain in Children - also known as "Growing Pains" or recurrent leg pains

Little man bites,hits, scratches himself out of anger. Please Help!

Lump in baby breast - information on causes and treatment from a pediatrician

Marty - destructive behavior

Measles Rash and Other Symptoms, including information on MMR

Medicines for Children - information on common infants and toddlers medicines

Meningitis in infants and children. Information on childhood meningitis

Molluscum contagiosum - a common childhood itchy skin rash.

My 23 Month old baby is driving me nuts

My Child Wont Eat - Help for parents of stubborn toddlers who won't eat

My Granddaughter is in need of your help!

Newborn Baby Feeding Schedule - information on formula and breast-feeding

Newborn Baby Health Problems - Reassurance for New Mothers and Fathers

No Clue..Why doesn't time out work?

Normal Child Development milestones outlined - this page looks at 4 -5 yrs

Nose Bleeding in a Child - how to manage short and long term

Nut and Peanut Allergy in Children

Omeprazole Babies and Toddlers Drug Information - Prilosec and Infants

Only child wants constant attention

Out of control 2 year old

Paracetamol, Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen doses for children

Pediatric eczema treatment with wet wraps- information on how they work

Pediatrics or Paediatrics. Common spelling of medical terms.

Potty Training Toddlers - how to know when your child is ready

Prick Testing of the Skin for Allergy in Children

Projectile Vomiting in an Infant - Information on Pyloric Stenosis

Respiratory Distress in Babies and Toddlers - information for parents

Reward Charts for Toddlers . Download potty training chart or reward chart

Sophie's terrible 20 months

Speech developmental stages of infants and toddlers. What to expect

Starting out with a strong willed little boy

Strabismus in children - all about cross-eyed infants and toddlers

Sun Sneezing - information on why babies often sneeze when they go out

Swollen gland in neck or groin of a child. To worry or not to worry?

Symptoms of a Sick Baby or Toddler. When to take your infant to a doctor.

Temper Tantrum At The Doctor's Office

Temper tantrums - child behavior management for parents of toddlers

Terrible two's.. out of control!

Terrible Twos - visitors share their experience and insight

The red mist descends on my two year old!

Time out as a form of child behavior management and toddler discipline

Toddler and Baby Cough gives information on causes of acute and chronic cough

Toddler and Baby Development Stages - what to expect of your infant or toddler

Toddler and Baby Diarrhea and Vomiting - Information on Gastroenteritis

Toddler and Baby Eczema. Information from a pediatrician

Toddler and Baby Growth. Normal growth and feeding practices. Chart growth

Toddler and Baby Heat Rash - Prickly Heat in Children

Toddler and Infant Diarrhea. When to Worry.

Toddler and Infant Growth Chart - a pediatrician explains how to monitor

Toddler and Infant Vomiting. What causes vomiting in your baby or toddler?

Toddler Behavior - how to manage the "terrible two's" and stay sane

Toddler Biting and Hitting - information from a pediatrician on what to do

Toddler Constipation - Why do they get it. How to treat it

Toddler Diarrhea. When your toddler has loose poop, poo, stools

Toddler Discipline - a quick guide to help exasperated parents

Toddler food - what to feed your child after the first year

Toddler Milestones - what should your toddler be doing - this page ages 2-3 yrs

Toddler Nutrition - information on nutrition requirements for children

Toddler Sleep What to do if my baby or toddler won't sleep

Toilet Training Girls

Toilet Training Toddlers - tips that have worked

Tonsillitis in children. Sore throat. Antibiotics. Surgery

Totally Spent

Urinary Tract Infection in Children - general information

Viral Skin Rash - how to recognise a viral skin rash in your child

Vomiting Bile in a baby or toddler - what are the causes?

What Causes a Petechial Rash in a Child - information and photo

What causes blood in stool (poop, poo) in babies and toddlers

Wheezing Infants - Transient Infantile Wheeze. nformation from a pediatrician

Why is My Baby Crying? Help for Desperate Mums. How to cope with a crying baby

Will Sharing Ever Really Happen?

Zantac infants dosage and side effects information from a pediatrician

Zyrtec for Babies and Toddlers - general information for parents