Potty training - Patience works

by MG

We decided to potty training our no 4 child Samuel who is 2and a half... we have been delaying until we are ready, he has been ready for a while.

Actually there isn't a good time, with the other 3 kids off school and full of social life we found we haven't had a day free. Thought we would started anyway.

But the best time will be to stay at home for the first three days (in the past this worked). We had quite easy time with the other three children all trained within a week.

So the first week was full of wees and poos everyday and he seems not get it or even not bother, we managed to catch him on poo once and wee a couple of time but he can't tell before hand. Tip is not to give up easily but lots of praises for even trying to sit on potty.

We persevere for another week, not being too stress about it and patience is the key. He is quite stubborn, he wanted to do in his own term, potty wasn't his choice, so we ended up more standing on step in toilet.

We were away for the third week, for a holiday which I was dreading a bit (in case lots of wee in holiday cottage), but we were out at the beach a lot and he just wee in the sand and puddles and he did used potty for poos once.

He was very pleased with himself and the big sister and brothers all praising him helped too. they kind of help him to do potty train.
Now it is 3 weeks he has been asking to go to the toilet for wee and poos and nearly dry everynight as well.

So keep going...they will get there in the end even though seems such a long time.

And another story where patience was the key

My grandson was toilet trained by the time he was 2. I would ask him if he needed to use the toilet, taking him even if he told me that he did not need to go.

He is now 3 1/2 and does not wet the bed when he is with me. I do not use pull ups because most of the time he will wake me when he needs to go, and I will get him up once at night if he does not wake on his own.

His mother continues to use pull ups at night because she says that his pull ups are wet in the morning, but I told her that she should continue to use them only as a precaution, but get him up at least once at night so that he becomes accustomed to getting up.

He has told her that he did not what to wear pull ups because they are for babies and he is not a baby. I think that he is ready.

Dr Maud Says

These are two examples of patience being the key to success with potty training. Both you and your child must be ready and then you take your time and all will sort itself out.

There is no point trying when either you or your child are not ready though.

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