Out of control 2 year old

by rainey

My two year old used to act so good now she is screaming and fighting me from 6 am till i can finally get her to sleep which is usually 8-10 after screaming more.

She never listens and is constantly breaking or ruining things is this normal?

Dr Maud Answers

Your daughter is pushing her limits - it is your job to let her know where they are.

Read over the Behavior page again and particularly to Top Tips.

Basically, decide on a couple of behaviors you want to change first - don't sweat the small stuff. Ignore behavior you don't want - don't make it a fight, just don't give any response (that includes being exasperated or frustrated) - you can vent your frustration when you are alone later if needs be.

Give lots of praise for behavior you want to see or even behaviors that just don't cause you concern.

Remember be matter of fact - this is not a fight between you and your daughter.

You might find the strategies in the "Talking to Toddler" audio books helpful - there are lots of tips on how to get your toddler to do what you want her to do.

Help! Out of control 2 year old

Hi, i have a 2 year old son and he is driving me crazy! He sits on, pushes and snatches from his baby sister who is 9 months old. He will not get dressed without a fight and he never listens. My husband and i have tried time out, ignoring and a reward chart but he still remains the same!! He has great language skills but continues to whinge all the time. Please help!!!

Dr Maud Answers:

You have a normal toddler who is exerting his independence - you just need to learn how to reign him in. It sounds as if you have tried the reward chart and time out.

For dressing you might like to offer a reward if he gets dressed without a fuss OR give him choices - so do you want to wear this sweater or that sweater - to involve him and hopefully distract him.

If you prefer to listen than read information, then you can hear about great ways to change your child's behavior and avoid the terrible two's with an audio course called "Talking to Toddlers" - click here. The audio course not only gives strategies for dealing with a willful two year old, but it gives strategies for communicating more effectively with all ages.

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