My Granddaughter is in need of your help!

by Vicki
(Ft Worth, TX)

Hello, I am watching over my 22 month old granddaughter because our daughter is deployed. She has been with us for around 8 months she cannot walk only says daddy and she just started to pull her self up. We are getting therapy for her speech, nutrition (because she is still eating stage 2 food and she does have teeth) she also has a swallowing therapist and a developmental therapist who come to our home weekly to help her get on task.

At one year she did have tubes placed into her ears which did answer some of the questions behind her delay but not all. She has made a lot of progress, pulling herself to stand pulling her self up from a laying down on her back, trying to feed herself and taking off her shoes.

My biggest problem is she hits, scratches and will try to bite you and I have held her hands and it seems like she gets it but then she goes right back five minutes later!

I am soooo tired and confused I am trying with my husband to get her ALL the help she needs so that when our daughter returns the baby will be on task, it's not happening.

What do you all think is wrong and she also lies herself down and won't sit up when playing and when you sit her up she returns back to laying down she would rather lay down then sit up. What is wrong??????

Dr Maud Answers
I can imagine how tiring it is.

It sounds to me that your granddaughter has developmental delay. The cause of this is not clear from your letter but you may get more answers from a developmental pediatrician who would take a full medical history and perform a full examination, including the neuromuscular system, as well as undertake some preliminary tests, which would probably include chromosomes and thyroid function.

It sounds as if your granddaughter is having early intervention help with the therapists she has and that should continue. The therapists could probably give you an idea of what they think is wrong with your granddaughter as they are seeing her regularly.

The hitting and scratching is a problem and the usual ways of dealing with it, which include developing empathy, may not work if your granddaughter has some developmental problems. It sounds as if you are doing the right thing and you may just need to persevere. Ask the therapists that already see your granddaughter if there is a psychologist who can see you and give you strategies for dealing with this behavior.

I wish you all the best with this difficult issue.

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