My daughter doesn't want to stay away from Mommy for a single second


I am a mother of 21/2 and 11 weeks pregnant with the second child. I feel very exhausted all the time due to pregnancy and my daughter inspite of continous trials and efforts doesnt want to spend time with Daddy. she doesn'e want to be fed from daddy. She wants me to drop her to school/child care, she wants me to give her milk, she wants me to put her to sleep. She sticks to me if I am at home, shw wants me around all the time.

I am getting very concerned about her behaviour and wanted to ask if other parents and the doctor have seen this kind of behiour and if this is normal. I am concerned when the second baby comes, whats going to happen. Is it normal among this age-group? And when does it start getting a little easy on mom?

Please help.


Dr Maud answers
It is quite common for toddlers to be attached to their moms particularly at times of change.
Make sure you reassure your toddler at frequent intervals that you are there for her and she is loved.

If your daughter is sensitive, she may be picking up that you are tired and she is showing her concern by staying close to you. Let her know that you are ok and talk to her about the impending birth and how she will be involved. Use lots of positive language - say how great it's going to be and how lucky the new baby will be to have a big sister like her.

When the baby is born, make sure you involve your daughter - she could get the diapers for you, for example. Change can be an issue for children, particularly if they are sensitive. The best way to manage this is to give them lots of information before hand so they know what to expect. And make some time each day that is special mommy-daughter time to connect.

All the best with the new addition

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