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If you have a medical question about your baby or toddler, you will find it here on this site. Please check the following:

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In the first two years of this site, individual questions were answered. However, most questions I receive now are already answered on the site. So please check the site thoroughly to see if the information you require is here already.

It is possible that your medical question is not covered in the site, particularly if the condition is not that common - please feel free to put a request for that information in the form below. Please put as much information as is relevant - one sentence rarely gives enough information so please take the time to check all the relevant information is there. The easiest way is to push the Site Search button at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left; then enter your question in the search box.

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Please do not expect an immediate response to any question you may have. This site does not replace the health care or advice you would receive from your medical practitioner, particularly concerning acutely ill children. If you have a sick baby or toddler or if you are very concerned, please see your doctor.

There is no guarantee that a page with information on the medical question you ask for will appear at all or if it does that it will be in the foreseeable future - it will depend on the overall suitability to the site and the demand for other information. However, I do take requests from visitors to the site seriously and do try to keep the site as relevant as possible.

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Parents who have asked questions before say:

  • You are amazing!!! Thank you for putting my mind at ease!
    Smiles from Luc, Jason and their mommy
  • Thank you for your answer. I think you are right. .....Good info. 
    Thank you 

The answer to your question may be included in the site in the future. If that occurs, your private details will be protected.

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Please remember that any answer given to a health question can only be general in nature. A thorough medical evaluation of a problem includes an examination as well as a history.

If you are worried about your child's health, there is no substitute for seeing your doctor.

Please feel free to feedback on whether the answer to your question was helpful, using the Contact page.

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