Lump in Baby Breast / Toddler Breast

This page answers questions on lump in baby breast and lump in toddler breast.

Many mothers ask "why has my baby got boobs?"

Lumps in the breast are usually nothing to worry about as you will see when you read further.


What causes a lump in a baby's breast?

It is common for babies (both boys and girls) to have breasts especially after birth. They are caused by the hormones that you have that are passed to your baby in the final stages of labor. As the hormone levels return to normal, the breasts will reduce in size. So a lump in baby breast is not unusual.

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How long will the breast lumps remain?

It depends. Most are gone in a few weeks. Babies who are breast fed my have breasts for longer. Occasionally, a small lump will persist. As long as the skin over the lump in baby breast looks normal there is nothing to worry about.

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Is it normal for babies with breasts to have milk?

The same hormones that cause the breast development may also cause a discharge that can look like milk. It is called "witches milk". Don't worry, this is normal for some babies.

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Are lumps in baby's breasts dangerous?

No, a lump in baby breast is usually quite benign and is not cancer or anything else to worry about.

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Can breast lumps become infected?

Yes. See your doctor if:

  • the skin over the lump becomes red or warm
  • your baby is unwell

What can I do if my baby has a breast lump?

You don't need to do anything. The lump will go by itself. Don't be tempted to squeeze the breasts. Just leave them alone.

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What causes a breast lump in a toddler?

Children can get breast cysts. These feel like firm (but not too hard) lumps behind the nipple. They are filled with fluid and are usually benign. Cancer of the breast is very rare in children.

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Are breast cysts painful?

Not usually although they may be slightly tender if they are knocked or hit in any way.

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How long do breast cysts last?

The breast cyst will usually disappear by itself but this may take months to years. Every child is different, but the cyst will disappear eventually.

Occasionally, a breast cyst will get infected and you will need to see your doctor - the breast will be warm and red and is likely to be painful to touch.

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When should I see a doctor?

See your doctor if:

  • the skin over the lump becomes red or warm
  • there is discharge from the breast
  • your toddler is unwell

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Last reviewed 11 March 2011

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