I cant stop the whinning

by salena Harriosn

mad about it

mad about it

I live with my in laws and it has been very hard with a new move to both me and my husband and my 2 babies. I belive it has been harder on my son - he is 2 a very good and smart kid but he has one annoying frustrating flaw. My son constantly whines about everything when he gets into trouble he will whine my name and I'm the one that punishes him. I just get so frustrated and very impatient. I dont know why he whines or why he only whines my name to anyone even or own family he whines and I dont know why??????

Dr Maud answers
Whining is working for your child so that is why he continues it. You need to do something differently. First of all, if he whines for something, like a drink for example, say "If you want a drink, just say drink please" and don't giv him one while he is whining. Only give it when he is quiet.

He may get worse before he gets better because that's what happens, but perservere and he will learn that whining doesn't get the desired result.

It's also important that everyone does the same - if your son gets mixed messages, he will be confused.

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