Ear Nose Throat Problems in Children

Ear nose throat problems are common in toddlers. We call the ear nose & throat region, the upper respiratory tract and so you will sometimes see the same problems listed under upper respiratory tract problems.

The ear, nose and throat region involves the ears, the nose and the throat. This page also has information on swollen lymph glands.

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Ear Nose Throat Problems in Children

You know the problems I'm referring to. You've had the sleepless nights. The baby with the snotty blocked nose, the toddler with the ear ache, the child with the sore throat. Or is your toddler the one with fluid in the ear (glue ear)?

Upper respiratory tract infections (which are those that involve the ear nose throat area) are the most common infections that children get. Most are caused by viruses so there antibiotic treatment is not appropriate.

Most of the time, you just have to soldier through these very trying childhood ailments. We can't prevent many of them, but I can give you a strategy to deal with them as they occur and tell you about measures that may help. Read more on the pages on specific conditions - to view these, click here

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Upper Respiratory Tract Infections - which includes information on the common cold and why some toddlers seem to have a constantly snotty nose. This is the commonest infection seen in infants and toddlers. No antibiotics are required!

Ear Infections (Acute Otitis Media) - the second most common upper respiratory tract infection after the common cold, and a common cause of poor sleep. Antibiotics may not be needed. Click the link to read more

Otitis Media with Effusion (Fluid in the Ear, Glue Ear) - a common consequence of ear infections. Fluid in the ear (glue ear) does impair your child's hearing. Get up to date information on what, if any, treatment is necessary.

Tonsillitis - this upper respiratory tract infection is often caused by bacteria and so may require antibiotics. In older children, frequent infections may need surgery.

Bleeding nose (Epistaxis) - this is a nuisance. You may be surprised at what the most common treatment is. Click on the link to find out.

Enlarged Neck Glands (Lymphadenopathy) - a common cause of concern for parents. Find out when you can relax and when you need to act.

Sun (Photic) Sneezing - if your baby or toddler sneezes everytime you go out into the sunshine, you don't need to be concerned. Read more by clicking on the link.

Croup - if your child has a hoarse voice or barking cough, she may have croup. Read more by clicking on the link.

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