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  • Are you keen to work at home - combining the best of both worlds - you get to watch your baby and toddler grow and develop AND you get an income!
  • Have you considered working for yourself but weren't sure what you could do?
  • Have you considered building a website but didn't know where to start?
  • Have you got weighed down by all the technical jargon involved in website building?
  • Do you think that there's no way you could build a website let alone a successful business?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, think again.

I built a site and so can you.

Read about my journey - perhaps it will inspire you to build your own website that will become your business.

Why Build a Website?

I was in a situation after a family tragedy that seemed as if I could be moving from one side of the world to the other. I wanted something that would be constant wherever I lived and that would provide an income.

My brother suggested building a website business - he had built one with Site Build It! and he recommended them.

Preliminary Research

My brother is a bit of a whizz kid on computers so initially I was a little skeptical about how I'd manage but he sent me relevant information and I did lots of reading.

I read all the case-studies - I read about people who had tried many other website hosting companies and been disappointed and disillusioned before finding Site Build It! and then had built not only a website but a successful business with Site Build It!

I am just so glad I didn't have to go through all that heartache and that I was directed to Site Build It! from the start.

The proof of success of Site build It! was hard to ignore.

The man behind it all is a Canadian doctor called Ken Evoy and I really liked what he had to say. Listen to him yourself by clicking on the screen below.

No "Get Rich Quick" Promises just steady hard work and a sensible approach.

But an approach that gets results. To view some quick little video clips of how much those people who have made a successful website business value Site Build It (SBI), click here.

First Steps

After all my reading, I took the big step and purchased a year's subscription.

I can truly say that Site Build It! gives terrific value for money. That initial outlay may seem a lot, but believe me, you will absolutely get your money's worth and you will build a website and be on the way to building a successful business.

So, after signing up, I had access to the Action Guide and Brainstormer. Just the first 5 days of the Action Guide. Not too much information to make my head spin but just enough to keep me learning and doing what I needed to decide on a topic.

Everyone knows something and what you know you can share on a website and the first 5 days of the programme will help you find your topic. You don't have to know before you start. Find out what might suit you.

OK, I should just point out that a day of the Action Guide can take a couple of weeks but the point is that the programme is broken down into manageable bites. Finish one day and then move on.

It would be daunting to get all the information you have at the end of Day 10 on Day 1 - you'd probably give up. But you won't give up because Site Build It! makes it so easy and only gives you the information you need at the time.

You can take a peek at what the process entails by going on a Quick Tour.

Starting to Run

On Day 5, my website was registered. Wow, that was such a great feeling.

Then I felt the pressure - the world could see what I had to say. So I had to say something and I had to put it in web speak.

There was no need to panic. You guessed it - Site Build It! made it easy. I had access to books on how to write for the net (nice and easy step-by-step) that are provided free even if you don't own a Site Build It! site! You can download Make your Content Pre-Sell as well, free.

After Day 5, Site Build It! made a whole lot of very cool tools, like Search It available - it's a really great search tool. You can use it as well even if you don't buy Site Build It! - keep it open in your browser for when you need it.

As well, I got the final 5 days of the 10 Day Action Guide - again just bite-sized amounts of information.

I built pages using building blocks that make it so easy.

If you know how to write your own html, you can just do that. I didn't have a clue about html so I used the block builder. However, I have learned a lot about html using the block builder and I think I could (if I ever wanted to) build a page in html now!

Everything still came in manageable bite-sized segments. I just followed the Action Guide. If you want to see how it all works, take the Video Tour and see what I'm talking about.

A Website is Born

Suddenly, my website had 30 pages and it felt like a proper site! I could see traffic increasing every month. I had visitors asking questions and it felt great.

I'm classed as an Infopreneur - I know what I know and with a little passion, I can make it work for me. You can do the same.

Occasionally, I wasn't sure how to do something and I couldn't find it in the Action Guide - no problem, though, as I just asked a question in the Site Build It! forum and it was answered right away. It is amazing!

The forums are great. I got a lot of really constructive feedback on my site after a couple of months and took the advice given and my site improved. It was free advice. Fantastic - there is a Site Build It community and they are like a cyber-family.

Was It Worth It?

Absolutely, without a doubt, yes.

  • I have learned so much.
  • It has been such fun nurturing and watching my website grow. It was so exciting to see when the site first received 100 visitors per day, so I set my goals higher to 1000 visitors per day. I was jumping for joy the day I reached that goal - now I've more than tripled that! The sky's the limit!
  • I feel I have been able to help people by providing information. That's a great feeling.
  • I earn money from my site - every single day whatever I'm doing and even when I'm not even thinking of the website

It has been such an easy process with Site Build It! that I want everyone to know that they could build a website business as well.

It's especially a good option if you want to be free to

  • work when you want
  • work where you want
  • work for as many hours as you want

So it's great for

Are You Tempted?

Site Build It! have a free decision-making tool, called Choose It.

  • Try it out. Maybe ask the question, "what should I do with my free time over the next few months?" 

Have "Build a website" as one option.

Read enough and keen to get started yourself, sign up here.

Still got questions, ask them here.

Whatever your decision, all the very best.

Want a Website but don't want to do the Work

SiteSell even provide services for businesses who don't want to build their own site but want to have a website that works.

If you're interested in a SiteSell professional building your website, click here

Free Downloads

Here are some free books for you to try. Just click on the one that interests you and follow the downloading instructions:

Or if you just want to keep up-to-date with the latest news on successful website building, Read the Blog

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Visitors Say

Thanks for your "straight to the point" advice! I am very happy that you decided to add your wisdom to the internet for all to read. You made a very worrisome toddler's fever day into something a lot calmer.
Fred, Sweden

Excellent website. Plain english - reassuring and direct. Great resource - thank you.
David, Australia

Dear Dr.Maud, I had to write a thank you note for all the work you put into this site to make our life easier! We had many questions and worries but we found all the answers here very easily. You helped us to find a way to make our little boy eat again and calmed our worried minds when he was sick.. So much useful information, I recommend your website to all moms and dads I know. Thank you so much, you are fantastic! Have a wonderful day! :)
Sophie, Singapore

Thank you so much. I have taken ... to three different Dr.'s and you are the first to answer my questions in a manner that I can understand. You explained everything in English for once, and told me things that none of the other Dr.'s did. Thank you again. I really appreciate your help.
Machelle, United States