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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #062
November 01, 2011

New Questions and Answers

Question: My 6 month old baby always has a high temperature on the head. What could this be a symptom of? This doesn't happen to the rest of her body.

Answer: Some babies will feel warm of the head particularly if you live in a hot country like you do, as heat is lost from the head.

To be sure that your baby doesn't have a fever, check the temperature under the armpit. If this is over 38 degrees Celcius, this is a fever. The most likely cause in an infant or toddler will be a viral upper respiratory tract infection

Question: Hello, I am a mother of a two year old boy who gets repeat URI's and has been hospitalized twice this past year. He appears to have a simple cold with the runny nose and low grade fever but continues to play and drink. He seems to turn so fast, not want to drink or eat. Take him to ER right away and he has sinus & ear infection with viral pneumonia. He seems to run fevers quite a bit. My concern now is what is the underlying factor that may be making him more prone to URIs. His pediatrician started him on pulmacort thinking he may have asthma. Is there any other tests or questions I should be asking his pediatrician.

Answer:Coughs and colds are very common at this age particularly in children with older siblings or who are in daycare. As long as your toddler is growing and developing normally, I wouldn't be too concerned.

If there is a family history of asthma or you have heard wheezing, you might find the Pulmicort helps. If it doesn't, then perhaps wheeze/asthma is not the problem and there is probably no need to continue past 4 - 6 weeks trial.

Question: My baby girl is 7.5 months and since 3 days she makes strange sound while urinating and also puts pressure while passing urine. She passes little bit of urine and she puts pressure and again some urine comes out. She is urinating frequently and the urine is hot, not warm. She is a happy baby , but these days she is quite fussy and refusing solids.
We have been to pediatrician today and got her urine routine done. Results. PH - 6.0, Sp.Gravity - 1.015
Albumin - Nil, Sugar - Nil
Pus cells - 1-2/HPF, Ep.cells - 0-1 /HPF, RBCs - NIL
She was having throat infection few days before and was on antibiotics. Is urine routine enough to rule out UTI,Kidney/bladder issues? Pls help.

Answer: The urine result does not look like a urinary tract infection as there were no bugs grown. This may have been because she had had antibiotics before, but there are not many pus cells, so overall I think a urinary tract infection is unlikely.

Even if your daughter did have a urinary tract infection, the fact she is now well means it was uncomplicated and as such no further investigations would be warranted at this stage, given her age.

Question:My 20 month old daughter is shedding the top layer of her nails, is this normal or could it be a sign of problem?

Answer:The nails are made of keratin and this naturally sheds, so some shedding is probably normal.

However, nail problems can be associated with other issues in the body. If your toddler is growing and developing normally, having a healthy diet and is generally happy, there is probably nothing to worry about.

News and Updates

How to stop hot chilli burning the tongue

Ok. I don't know if your toddler has ever put some hot food in his mouth and then been distressed with the heat of the spices. Next time, put sugar on his tongue (or salt, but sugar will taste better for him) - the burning should immediately go.

Have you seen this website?

Purple Crying - this explains that it is normal for babies to cry. It is what some people call colic, but if you understand that all babies have this period of crying, you may find it easier to cope with.

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