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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #068
May 01, 2012

New Questions and Answers

Question: I want to know about on and off diarrhoea in babies with fever 100 degree celsius. Can it be due to some infection accompanied with imbalance in foremilk and hind milk of mother. I also want to know that is it right to keep babies under a.c. in summers. If it is, then at what temperature should we keep babies.and when suddenly we carry babies out of ac in hot then can it cause fever in babies?

Answer: Diarrhoea with a fever is usually due to infection. It is unlikely to be due to an imbalance in the breast milk.

Keeping babies cool in air-conditioning is fine, but make sure your baby isn't cold. Some air-conditioning units are fierce.

Your baby may get hot and sweaty when going outside but he/she shouldn't get a fever. Make sure your baby is dressed in cool clothes - like cotton - when you go out from air conditioned houses.

Question: I have a question. My husband slapped my 3 year old son in the car yesterday after one of his famous leaving the store tantrums. I was shocked. I dont believe in slapping. I spank him on the tush and that's all, but normally for tantrums I try to diffuse the situation and lend him my calm. I am so disgusted with my husband. My son has several eye anomalies and I wanted to find out if slapping in the face can cause partial blindness? I cant seem to find a good enough reason to convince my husband not to slap him in the face. I don't know what to do.

Answer: I understand your concern. I don't advocate hitting children. In fact, in New Zealand it is a criminal offence to smack a child.

Firstly, your son has probably not suffered any damage as a result of the slap on the face this time, but potentially slapping or hitting anywhere on the head is dangerous - children have been knocked unconscious from being hit and I know of a child who died after being hit on the head (the person who did that had no intention of causing any damage let alone death but just hit in the wrong place).

It is very frustrating when children have tantrums and your husband probably acted out of frustration at not being in control (and he may have been embarrassed by your son's behavior). I think the best thing is for your husband to develop new skills at controlling your toddler. I would suggest the Talking to Toddlers Audio Course - you can listen in the car if you want.

You are right to be concerned.

Question:My 3 month old baby boy's lips get darken but not very dark. Can you please let me know what could it be or the cause? Thank you,

Answer: It isn't clear what you mean by darker but if the color seems a dusky or bluish color you need to see your doctor and have your baby's heart checked. You should probably see your doctor anyway so he or she can check you baby is fine.

Question:My 6 month old daughter has something like tetralogy of fallot but it isn't. It is worse. She has two shunts and a stent right now. Her heart rate is real high and no one is explaining why. Heart rate is at 170's when calm and 200 when upset. They also say she can't have tet spells but she has something like them. Any information on any of these areas are helpful.

Answer: It sounds as if your daugher has a complex cardiac condition with abnormal structures (malformations). Without knowing full details, I can only talk generally.

The job of the heart is to pump oxygen - if there is difficulty providing oxygen, which is often the case when there are complex cardiac malformations. The body sometimes reacts to a low body oxygen level by increasing the heart rate - I assume this is why your daughter has a high rate. Presumably, the new procedure is aimed at improving body oxygen and so the doctors think the heart rate will be lower.

"Tet spells" are when the oxygen in the body falls - I assume the cardiac structure your daughter has means she is prone to episodes of low oxygen - perhaps when blood is travelling through the shunts the wrong way.

You need to ask your daughter's doctors for detailed information about her heart and also mention the questions that you have asked me. They are in a much better position to answer them as they know exactly what your daughter's heart condition is. Good luck

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Reference:Harrington JW, et al "Effective analgesia using physical interventions for infant immunizations" Pediatrics 2012; 129: DOI: 10.1542/peds.2011-1607.

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