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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #057
June 01, 2011

New Questions and Answers

Question:My 15 month old son has bad eczema that started around 3mths and has progressed over his body saw a pediatrician, dermatologist and allergist. The steroids only worked while using and he tested positive allergy to wheat,eggs and peanuts I hadn't introduced any of these things prior to schema rearing its. Ugly head, I stopped them when I found out the RAST result but the eczema didn't get any better. What now!?

Answer:Keep using the steroids. In the beginning it will seem like you need to use it all the time. Start as soon as the skin flares and then stop when it clears. Restart when it flares again. We know that early on there will not be much time between stopping and starting but over time, these gaps will become longer and the period of use will be shorter.

A positive RAST does not necessarily mean that your child will have a reaction when he has the food. This is particularly so if he wasn't even having the food when the eczema started.

Are you adding a capful of bleach (Janola) to the bath twice a week. If not, start doing this. Also you need to apply moisturisers often.

See the Eczema page for more information.

Question: I would like to ask about how to deal with the behavior of my 23 months old son, if he can't get what he wants he hits me or throws things around, also he is really clingy to me not his dad if i walk out of a room he screams or if i don't take him to bed he has a tantrum. I am 4 months pregnant with my second child and i am scared that he will become worse and feel like he is being pushed out by the new baby, as he likes all my attention. His dad has tried to take him out and spend time with him alone but he just cries the whole way till he is with me again, its difficult as i cant do anything on my own and especially with a new baby my attention will have to be divided between the two? Could you please help.

Answer:Your son has developed a behavior pattern that you don't want. To understand it more, read the ABC page (click here) and try to work out what is happening.

Also read my toddler behavior tips (click here). It is important that you are consistent and don't give in. If sometimes you give in and he gets his way then he will persist until it happens again. For throwing things, you can try time out (for 2 minutes) and do this consistently.

When your son is out with his dad, make sure he doesn't bring him home earlier if he cries. The dad needs to stimulate your son and have fun with him so your son starts enjoying it. But make sure he knows that you will be there when he comes home. Start with short times apart and have a routine so your son knows what is happening and that you will be there for him.

You may also find the Talking to Toddlers audio set helpful - click here

Question: My 10 month old baby is rolling her eyes up

Answer: If your baby is well in other ways, I wouldn't worry but if her development is slow or she is unwell, then see your doctor.

Question:Is it ok to use a conditioning hair from Johnson & Johnson in my baby of 9 months? Her hair is very curly and is always flying away. Thanks.

Answer:Use a baby conditioner and it should be fine. You could also apply olive oil or coconut oil to your daughter's hair to stop it flying away.

News and Updates

Thermostatic Mixer Valves Reduce Bath Hot Water

We know that hot bath water scalds are a problem in babies. These are often associated with high temperature in the hot water outlet. Thermostatic Mixer Valves have been shown to reduce bath water temperature and therefore the risk of scalds.

Reference:Kendrick et al. Randomised controlled trial of thermostatic mixer valves in reducing bath hot water temperature in families with young children in social housing. Arch Dis Child. 2011;96:232-239

Have you seen this website?

Asthma Symptoms - this informative site is written by someone who has experienced asthma and has a lot of information that other sufferers may find helpful.

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