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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #069
June 01, 2012

New Questions and Answers

Question:Do 10 month old babies die from continous fevers like 8 days?

Answer: Having a fever for 8 days in itself will not cause a baby to die, but it may be the condition causing the fever will be serious enough to cause serious illness or death.

Most viral fevers subside by about 4 days so I think it is a good idea to see a doctor if your baby has a fever for 5 days or more, particularly if there are any of the following signs:

  • rash
  • red, cracked lips and tongue
  • red eyes
  • swollen fingers or red palms (or toes and soles) or skin peeling off
  • generally unwell
  • drowsy when awake
  • poor feeding or drinking

  • It is not normal for a baby to have a fever for 8 days in a row so you need your baby to have a medical examination to see what's going on.

    Question: Hi Doctor, I have read your information on cow milk allergy in infants. There had been no improvements in my 3 month old baby after avoiding milk and milk products for two weeks. I am still breastfeeding baby but his poo has an offensive smell, is greenish and i notice some white streaks in stool yesterday. Will his intestines be damaged by continuing to breast feed him? I have started avoiding soy, will soy protein cause bleeding in the intestine?

    Answer:At this stage I think it's best for you to see a doctor regarding feeds. Breast milk isn't likely to damage your baby's intestine. It may be that you need to avoid some foods yourself or it may be that your baby has something else going on. Bright green stools often appear when babies are not getting enough nutrition.

    Don't be too concerned that what you are eating is causing long term problems to your baby's gut as that's very unlikely. As I said, the problem with the stools may not even be allergy. Keep breast feeding and see your doctor.

    Question: I am a bit worried about my 10week old son, the last two mornings he has woke up, there has been a reddish-brown stain on the sheets where his head is, maybe blood? it is odour-less and does look like dry blood, I cannot see any problems in his nose or mouth??

    Answer: The most likely cause of the reddish brown stain is slight blood staining although from what you say it is hard to know where it is coming from.

    If there is vomit then that is the likely cause - sometimes a little bit of blood can be seen in vomit which is not too much of a problem if your baby is not distressed with vomiting - if he is, then gastro-oesophageal reflux may be an issue (see the reflux page).

    If there is no vomit, are the breasts looking enlarged or engorged - occasionally babies can have some discharge. None of this is of any concern and it will settle by itself - although, the blood sounds a bit high for this.

    Whatever the cause, if your baby is well in himself, I wouldn't be too concerned.

    Question:This site is really complete, it's completing my needs. I just have a question about music. I have a 3 months baby and I dont know what kind of music I could put for her to listen to and the right volume.Thanks.

    Answer: Thank you for your kind comments. Babies usually listen to any music their parents listen to - soothing or rhythmic music is usually better than jarring music. Watch how your baby reacts to different music and you will get an idea of what she likes. The music should not be too loud - about the level of normal speaking or a bit louder, but not as loud as shouting, is probably best.

    Mozart's music is good to try if you don't find anything else your child likes.

    News and Updates

    Don't let your infant walk while using a bottle, pacifier or sippy cup - a recent study has shown that injuries commonly occur when infants fall while walking using a bottle, pacifier or sippuy cup. What you can do is ensure that your infant remains seated while having objects like a bottle, pacifier or sippy cup in his/her mouth.

    Reference:Sarah A. Keim, PhD, MA, MS,a,b,c Erica N. Fletcher, MPH,d Megan R. W. TePoel, MS,a and Lara B. McKenzie, PhD, MA.Injuries Associated With Bottles, Pacifiers, and Sippy Cups in the United States, 1991–2010.

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