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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #058
July 01, 2011

New Questions and Answers

Question: Today, my 11 month old son got a rash that looks likes bugs bit him. Then it went away but came back. It itches and my son whines and cries. I don't know what it is. It can't be bed bug because he sleeps with us. I need help.

Answer: It sounds like an itchy rash so if it isn't insect bites then it is probably urticaria which can come and go and is often secondary to a viral infection. See Urticaria for more information. The photos on the page are obvious rashes but urticaria can also be smaller and have the appearance of bites.

I would suggest calamine lotion as an anti-itch lotion.

Question: When my 3 year old holds himself up on the potty he held up his arm and said hurt, like he strained a muscle holding himself up so he doesn't fall into the water, I can't think of anything else?

Answer:Toddlers can fall and injure themselves. Sometimes you only know because they complain of pain when the injury is held or they favor the limb and don't use it. Injuries can include fractures.

Toddlers can also get other problems such as osteomyelitis (bone infection) that can cause pain.

If there is one point of extreme tenderness on your toddler's arm causing him to complain then I suggest you see your doctor for an x-ray.

Question: My 4 month old baby boy has excessive sweating on his head. When he is lifted from a sleep or feed his hair is wet and so is the bed. Is this normal?

Answer:Lots of babies get sweaty heads and, in most, there is nothing to worry about. Just make sure that your baby is not too hot. If the body is sweaty, he probably has too many clothes on. If the chest feels cold to touch, he needs more clothes.

If the sweating gets worse with feeding or if there are other symptoms like blueness of the lips, see your doctor.

Question:ever since my 3 month old baby was born-I have to suction his nose--he gets real snorty then a big dry snot comes out. He does not have a runny nose just every morning he is snorty and there is dry boogers. Is this normal?

Answer:Babies often have narrow airways so it doesn't take much to block them and make them sound "snorty".

Have you tried normal saline nose drops? You can probably get these from the pharmacy. These keep the membranes of the nose moist. You can apply one drop per nostril before feeds and before bed. This might keep the airways from becoming blocked with dry secretions so you won't have to keep suctioning.

News and Updates

Cetaphil Cleanser for Head Lice

A study published in Pediatrics showed success for a novel head lice treatment. The treatment was with Cetaphil cleanser which was applied to the hair. Excess was combed out and then a blow dryer was used to dry the hair. The dried cleaner was left on the hair overnight and the next day it was washed out. This treatment was used weekly for 3 weeks and over 95% of patients had a successful outcome.

The treatment works by suffocating the lice on the hair as the blow dryer causes the lotion to form a capsule around the lice.

Reference: Pearlman D. Cetaphil cleanser (Nuvo lotion) cures head lice. Pediatrics 2005 Dec;116(6):1612

Have you seen this website?

Kids Health New Zealand - this link takes you to a very helpful page on how to help your children deal with traumatic events. This is particularly useful given the recent earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

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