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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #053
February 01, 2011

New Questions and Answers

Question:My son is 19 months old and every once in awhile he will start hitting himself in the head for no reason. Or sometimes he will hit himself in the face. sometimes its when i have asked him to stop doing something or when he is tired. Should i be concerned? or should I talk to his doctor?

Answer: Children often display this type of behavior, which includes head-banging. It is not serious. Like all behaviors you want to limit, the best option is to ignore it as much as possible, so don't say anything.

If your son's development is normal I wouldn't think you need to see your doctor about this.

Question: My daughter is 7 1/2 months now. When can i introduce orange juice? Thanks.

Answer:Fruit juice should be avoided for the first six months of life. From 6 months, it can be introduced in a diluted form. Generally babies don't need juice for hydration - I think it is better to give them water or very very watered down juice. Pure orange juice has too much sugar.

Question:My 4 month old son won't stop crying unless I hold him.

I feel very lucky that he sleeps from 7pm till about 6:30am but during the day he's a nightmare. He cries all the time!!! I've tried positioning him so that he can see me, I spend one on one time with him, I take him outside but nothing works unless I'm holding him, what can I do?

Answer:I'm assuming that you are not concerned about your baby's health - by the sounds of it, if he sleeps well and is happy when you are holding him, then he is probably not unwell.

Therefore, what you have is a habit. It is lovely that your baby wants to spend all day in your arms, but he has to learn that and he is still secure and safe when he is not in your arms and that is still ok.

Firstly, I would try a baby sling as this will keep your baby close and free up your hands so you can get some work done.

Try lying on the floor on your back and let your baby lie on his front on top of you - this will give him tummy time while still keeping you close. Once he is happy with that, try putting him on the floor on his tummy with you doing the same thing facing him, so he can see you. Then gradually move further away - keep talking to him, telling him everything's ok and he's doing a good job. Eventually, you should be able to out your baby down, with some toys, and he should be content especially if he can hear you (and even see you).

I would try these things first and see how it goes. Give your baby lots of encouragement when he is by himself and keep reminding him you are close.

Question:My 2 year old having lower back of head pain when turns head certain way o jumps screams and old it

Answer:Hopefully the pain has settled slightly - if your toddler is still screaming you should see a doctor very soon.

If the pain has settled down a bit, then your toddler may have either:

1. a pulled (strained) a muscle - if this is the case, it should settle down over a couple of weeks

or 2. enlarged neck glands at the back of the head - again these should settle in a couple of weeks. click here for more information.

News and Updates

Early Child Care Infections Not a Bad Thing

We are all aware that children in early daycare have more frequent viral infections. However the good news is that once they reach school, these children may have an advantage in not getting as many infections as children who have not attended daycare. Long-term the risk of infection equalizes out.

Reference: Côté SM, et al "Short- and long-term risk of infections as a function of group child care attendance: An 8-year population-based study" Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 2010; 164: 1132-1137.

Have you seen this website?

Buzzy 4 Shots - I have mentioned this before but this really looks like a great device to reduce painful procedures like shots in infants and toddlers.

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