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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #063
December 01, 2011

New Questions and Answers

Question: My 7 day old baby girl has been bleeding from her vagina since her c-section birth. The Pediatrician said it was her period. How can this be?

Answer: Mothers pass hormones from their bodies to babies through blood that connects via the placenta, so babies are born with maternal hormones in their blood streams, namely estrogen.

Over time, the estrogen in the baby's blood will reduce but in the first few weeks, sometimes effects of maternal estrogen can be seen in the baby. The 2 most common effects seen are bleeding from the vagina and breast enlargement.

Your baby doesn't actually have a period, but the bleeding is due to estrogen levels changing, just like happens with a period.

This should settle down soon and is not a cause for concern.

Question: My 16 month old daughter has had routine blood tests in Poland, all came back normal, except for one, the doctor claimed that she had higher than normal readings for Enzymes and she advised my wife to have further tests back here in England.

She also said that she may have problems with her Liver or bones that is associated with this result.My daughter was breast fed for twelve months and the doctor believes that there may have been a reduction of Vitamin D which could possibly causing these problems. Please advise. Thank you.

Answer: It sounds as if your daughter has had a blood test with a high alkaline phosphatase which is a liver enzyme but also a bone enzyme. It is elevated with Vitamin D deficiency. Breast fed infants are at risk of Vitamin D deficiency and Vitamin D supplementation is often recommended in breast fed infants (eg. with Abidec or a similar vitamin supplement).

Sunlight is important for Vitamin D production and advice is for sunlight on the arms and legs or on the face, hands and arms at least 3 times a week (without sunblock) for 10-15 minute in pale skinned children and for 15-20 minutes in dark skinned children.

It might be best for your daughter to have a Vitamin D level done when you return to the UK to check her levels and have supplements if necessary.

Question: My 1 week old baby's legs and arms twitch whilst she is sleeping. It wakes her but she doesn't cry.

Answer: It is common for newborn babies to have twitching of the limbs while sleeping - often just as they are rousing. As long as your baby is feeding well when awake, you don't need to worry.

If this startle (twitching and waking) behaviour is meaning your baby isn't getting good rest, then swaddling can help. It is important to swaddle safely, so not too tight around the chest and loose around the hips so the legs are in a frog-like position to protect the hips. Read more.

Question:My 18 month old just had ultrasound done on her breast because there was a lump.

The Doctor also checked her ovaries to make sure she wasn't going into puberty early(strange). In doing so they found a cyst in her ovaries. I can find any information on this, can you please help.

Answer: Sometimes breast development can mean there is early puberty developing and this must be what your doctor thought. Causes of early puberty can be caused by growths in the adrenals or ovaries. It doesn't sound as if this was what was found on your daughter's scan but you might want to confirm this with your doctor.

Cysts in the ovaries are not that uncommon in girls and they are usually benign so they cause no problems. Again you need to talk to your doctor about the type of cyst seen on your daughter's scan.

News and Updates

Tacrolimus 0.03% twice weekly as maintenance for eczema
A study has shown that using Tacrolimus 0.03% ointment twice weekly in children with moderate or severe eczema is as effective as waiting till the eczema flares up and then treating it.
Healy E, Bentley A, Fidler C, Chambers C. Cost-effectiveness of tacrolimus ointment in adults and children with moderate and severe atopic dermatitis. Br J Dermatology 2011. 164(2):387-395

Have you seen this website?
Everything is Energy - this is an amazing website that has many free energy tools. These are great for self help but you can use them when you are dealing with your babies and toddlers and they can make a huge difference. I thoroughly recommend checking out this site.

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