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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #071
August 01, 2012


Welcome to another edition of Baby Medical Q&A News.

I am about to change the format of this monthly ezine. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see, please feel free to send me an email and let me know.
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New Questions and Answers

Question:My son has had a lump on his neck for more than 4 months now. We have seen 3 consultants at the hospital and his gp. They say its a gland but he has not been ill for a long time. this lump is going by the docs mesurements 5 - 6 cm. it does not hurt him in the slightest, wich worries me.

they told me to go back in a few months but im not happy leaving it for so long. what would u advise?

Answer:Please see the Large Lymph Gland page. I think the fact that 3 consultants have examined your son and are not concerned is a good sign as they will know what signs to look for to exclude a serious condition.

5-6 cm is quite a large lymph node - are you sure they don't mean 5-6 mm, which is relatively small and of no concern. Check the measurement yourself - if it is actually 5-6 cm then I would advise you see your doctor sooner than January. If it is less than 1 cm (so 5-6 mm) then I would follow the advice you have been given.

Question: My 5 month old baby has a problem with his neck. I have taken him to several paediatricians and orthopaedic surgeon who say that there is nothing wrong with him. Sometimes his head will be rested on his right shoulder which will happen for a week or so, then it will be ok and straight then will wake up one morning and his head rest on the left shoulder. I know there is something wrong. He does roll over and is generally a very happy baby. He is a twin born at 34 weeks. His sister has no problems.

Answer: If your son can move his neck to each side, there is probably no muscle tightness (or torticollis as it is commonly known). If you son can hold his head upright, then the muscles in the neck should be strong enough.

If your pediatrician and an orthopedic surgeon have examined your son and found no abnormality, it is hard for me to explain what is going on.

If things don't improve or get worse, take your son back to the pediatrician for a further check. Sometimes, what is normal (or falls within normal limits) at one age becomes abnormal at an older age. So, if your baby boy had poor head control at 4 months, nobody would have been too worried given he was born early, but it would be now.

It is good that the rest of your baby boy's development is progressing.

Question: I have a 13 months son who has never smiled he is happy and laughs but doesn't smile, he has a up side down frown why is this?

Answer: I suspect that your son's smile has to do with the way his facial muscles are. When you next see your pediatrician, mention it so he/she can do a full examination of the facial muscles/nerves.

Question:My baby is 3 months and 1 week. I realize she is getting tired of milk,thats the only thing she eats for now. Can I start to introduce any kind of new food, maybe any fruit...or juicy?

Answer:I would not advise any solids or other fluids (except maybe water) in an infant of 3 months. After 4 months of age, you can start introducing other food but before that milk is enough.

See the nutrition page.

News and Updates

Children's Sleepwear Recalled

Three US companies have recalled children's sleepwear because of concerns about it being flammable. The companies are Rigo International, PajamaGram and Isthtex Textile Products. Check that sleepwear you buy for your infants and children comply with your national standards, particularly regarding flammability.

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