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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #027
December 01, 2008

New Questions and Answers

Question: My 3 1/2 year olds testicles have "not dropped." Is this a major concern?


You need to see a pediatric surgeon if your child's testicles haven't dropped before 12 months of age. If they are not brought down, there is a risk of cancer later in life.

Ask to see a pediatric surgeon.

Question: My nephew is 11 months old and his teeth hasn't yet come out. Is it normal? if not then what we should do in this condition.

Answer: Children's teeth come at variable times. If your nephew is well in every other way, just wait a bit longer. There should be teeth by 18 months of age.

Question: I have a 20 month old. He has been having bloody mucusy stools since he was just a month old. I thought they had stopped but recently with potty training I have noticed them again. (I can see the poop in whole form so it is more obvious)He also has another weird thing..Sometimes he throws up food hours after eating it and it is still whole, just like it went down. We desided he was intolerant of bananas because each time he ate them he would throw up almost like clockwork 2 hours later and lots of stomach pains and then the next day would have a really bloody poo. But we don't let him have bananas and he still regulary has the bloody poo. The other day he threw up grapes, 19 hours after eating them and they were still just like they went down in the 1/4 sliced peices. What could be going on? I was concerned he may be missing and enzyme or something.

Answer: The most common reason for blood on the stool is constipation but it doesn't sound as if that is the problem with your son.

I think food allergy is a possibility and it would be important for your son to have blood tests to make sure he isn't low in iron and that he doesn't have signs of inflammation (there are inflammatory conditions that can cause blood in the stool as well). Blood tests may also give a clue to foods your son may be allergic to. See Food Allergies for more information on food allergies.

I don't think your son will have a missing enzyme but I think some further investigation is warranted.

Question: My 6 month old baby girl has been doing strange habit for about 2 months now.

She seems happy then all of a sudden she will make a fist and start looking at it, screaming at it then start crying. She does this about four times a day. Should I be worried?

Answer: Babies can have some unusual behaviours that are normal and pass with time.

There also can be strange behaviours with some seizures - if that was happening with your daughter, I would expect that she might be unresponsive during the epidodes or might be having problems with her development. See your doctor if your daughter is unresponsive during epidodes or her development is faltering.

News and Updates

Home Heating and Reduced Asthma in Children
This recent study has shown what we all know intuitively - that you need a warm home for good health.

Participants were families with children with asthma. Those who had efficient heating installed in their homes, had less asthma symptoms.

Effects of improved home heating on asthma in community dwelling children: randomised controlled trial. Howden-Chapman et al. BMJ 2008;a1411

Have you seen this website?

Home Heating Systems and Solutions: Especially for my Northern Hemisphere readers at this time of year!! Read about keeping your home warm efficiently, a necessity for keeping your children healthy

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