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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #049
October 01, 2010

New Questions and Answers

Question: My 4 month old baby boy has undergone surgery for pyloric stenosis 3 month ago, and I would like to know what and when should I give him food and how many ml to give him as he is always hungry .

Answer: Your baby should be eating normally now that he has had surgery for his pyloric stenosis. At 4 months, this would usually be mainly milk - either breast or formula.

The amount of milk for a formula-fed baby is 150 ml per kilogram of weight per day. So, if your son is 5 kg, he would need 750 ml per day - if he has 5 bottles per day, this would be 150 ml per bottle. If he is having that much and is still hungry, then he may still be catching up growth from before he had his surgery and you could offer up to 200 ml per kg of weight per day (so for a 5 kg baby, up to 1000 ml per day).

Solids can slowly be introduced from 4 months if baby is showing some readiness for food. Only small amounts are given initially - see Weaning Infants

Question: Our doctor told us to go ahead and switch our 13 month old daughter to regular cow's whole milk, cold turkey. My husband and I drink a lot of milk, but it surprised us to see that our daughter doesn't seem to like the taste of milk. Any suggestions?

Answer: Children get used to the taste of things so sometimes don't like a change. Start with regular milk on cereal and then slowly increase it at other times. You might even mix her formula with half milk and then slowly reduce the formula.

The fact your daughter tolerated formula makes an allergy unlikely. It is just a taste preference and sometimes you need to change to whole milk more slowly. Some children just take it so it was worth a try to go "cold turkey".

Question: My 14 month old toddler's babytoe turned black. What could have caused this to happened?

Answer: The most likely thing that caused your baby's toe to go black is lack of blood supply. This can happen when something constricts the blood supply to the toe - this could happen if a piece of cotton got caught and encircled the toe tightly.

Question: I use a web cam to show my 4 month old baby to her grandmother and some friends.Is it dangerous for a baby of this age to be next to a computer? How often should I use this method with my baby?

Answer: As far as we know there is no more danger from computers to children than there is for adults which is none.

I am sure your baby's grandmother loves seeing her grandchild. As a general rule, things in moderation are generally ok, unless there is specific advice to the contrary.

News and Updates

Protodeclarative Pointing and Autism

This is not new news but always worth remembering. Protodeclarative pointing- which is pointing to show interest (as opposed to pointing to get what you want which is protoimperative pointing) is a good screen for autism in toddlers (at about 18 months of age). Ask yourself: "Does my toddler point to get what he or she wants?" and then "Does my toddler point to show things of interest?" If your toddler does not do the latter, then seek medical advice.

Reference: Great EMedicine article

Have you seen this website?

Buzzy Needle Pain Relief System - this is a great device if your child is afraid of needles or if he or she requires frequent blood tests or treatments with needles.

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