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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #036
September 01, 2009

New Questions and Answers

Question:My baby has been crossing her legs and lifting her legs like a leg lift workout, as well as grabbing her hands together and squeezing till her fingers and toes are white. She'll do this over and over for hours. daily!!! Is this a sign of something thats wrong or does she just enjoy working on her abs?

Answer: You don't say how old your daughter is, but I'm assuming she is a baby and not yet walking.

As long as your daughter's legs and arms are not stiff, I wouldn't worry too much. If the limbs are stiff or the development is slow, see your doctor for a full examination of your daughter.

To view normal development, see this page.

Question: My child is one year four months. He doesn't want to eat. He refuses to instead, he'd rather drink his milk.

I have another 6 year old who eats a too much and doesn't gain weight.

Answer:If you put "child won't eat" into the site search box and do a search you find this page

Also read this page.

As far as your 6 year old is concerned, if he or she is not growing appropriately on growth charts such as those on this page, then you need to see your doctor for an examination and tests.

Question: Do you believe it is beneficial for infants to drink water? My grandaughter is 5mos.

Answer: It is fine for babies to drink water if they are thirsty between feeds and particularly if it is a hot day. The water should be cooled boiled water. Water should not replace the usual feed, though.

I think toddlers, especially, should be encouraged to drink water rather than juice or squash or carbonated drinks when they are thirsty. Carbonated drinks are associated with obesity in school-aged children so it is better your child never gets into the habit of drinking high calorie drinks, like fizzy drink and juice, when they are thirsty.

Question:My daughter is 4 1/2 months old and her legs turn purple. As if she is loosing circulation. We thought it had something to do with her clothes and kept loose clothing on her, but today she did it in her bath without any clothes on. Do you have any idea what it could be. Oh and she is a chucker.

Answer: It may be your daughter's circulation but as she is only 4 months old, I think it is important she has a full examination, including of her heart, so I would advise you to see your doctor. If the examination is normal, you will be able to relax.

News and Updates

Racecadotril for Diarrhea

You may have been hearing about an anti-diarrheal agent called Racecadotril used for acute watery diarrhea. The evidence behind it is still conflicting and there is no clear evidence that it should be used for children with diarrhea. Therefore I would advise that at the moment the treatment for diarrhea remains oral rehydration solution. Racecadotril should not be used for uncomplicated diarrhea.

Reference: Santos M, Maranon R, Miguez C, et al. Use of racecadotril as outpatient treatment for acute gastroenteritis: a prospective, randomized, parallel study. J Pediatr. 2009 Jul;155(1):62-7.

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