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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #024
September 01, 2008

New Questions and Answers

Question: My Niece is 6 months old, and for the last 2 months or so - everytime she coughs she chokes. my sister has taken her to the hospital and to the doctors on various occasions, but all they say is that if she is feeding well, and isnt distressed - there is nothing wrong.

There is definatly something wrong - last night she coughed that much that she couldn't get her breath - i had to blow in her face, which luckily did the trick.... i am extremly worried - as is her mother... as soon as the coughing does stop though - she is full of smiles again!! There doesnt seem to be any 'whooping' noise on the inhale, and she does not bring any phlegm up...although sometimees she does heave....Any info is mucg appreciated.

Answer: It's not unusual for children to seem to choke or even vomit after they cough. It's very reassuring that your niece is well between coughing episodes and the doctors are happy with her health.

I'm not surprised your niece doesn't bring up any phlegm as most babies don't - they swallow any phlegm they have and sometimes you will see this in the vomit.

The question is why she coughs so much in the first place. See the Cough page for more information on why babies cough. If your niece is growing well and happy and well in between coughing bouts, it is likely to be a non-specific cough. It's important that your niece is not exposed to tobacco smoke. If your niece isn't growing well, she may need further investigation. You will need to see a doctor.

There is not always a whoop with Whooping Cough (Pertussis infection) although I would expect that by 2 months the cough would be becoming noticeably less frequent and severe. Again at this stage, there would be no specific treatment.

Question: My 1 year female baby is suffering by UTI now. Can we have the MCUG test/DMSA scan for my baby during this period(while she is suffering by UTI now)?

Answer: The MCUG and DMSA tests can be difficult to interpret during an acute infection so it is best to wait at least 8 weeks after a UTI for a MCUG and 3-6 months after for a DMSA. A MCUG is not always necessary once children are over 12 months of age, so check with your doctor.

Question: My child is 3 days old and has had a liquid stool that is yellow in color after every feeding. she is breast-fed and she passes a stool after every feeding is this normal?


Congratulations on your new baby. It is entirely normal for a breast-fed baby to have a stool after every feed. See the Baby Poop page.

Question: My son is 2 year old. He is suffering from a running nose once in a month. Due to his blocked nose it is difficult to sleep in night. Last time we gave Promethazine Syrup 10 drops - it is effective. He was cured in 5 days. Can i continue this medicine every time? Is there any way to increase his immunity?


I would not advise Promethazine or any other antihistamine for colds generally. Colds and running noses usually get better by themselves by 5 days anyway.

If your son's nose is so blocked it is difficult to breath, I would just put one normal saline nose drop in each nostril before bed - that often clears the nasal passages - you can ask your doctor to prescirbe the normal saline nose drops.

It is normal for toddlers to get frequent infections - that is how they develop their immunity.

News and Updates

Wheeze in Preschool Children and Later Asthma
- a recent survey has found that if your preschool child has exercise induced wheeze or a history of allergic disorders before school age, then there is a strong chance that he/she will have asthma later in childhood.

Reference: Peter I Frank, Julie A Morris, Michelle L Hazell, Mary F Linehan, Timothy L Frank. Long term prognosis in preschool children with wheeze: longitudinal postal questionnaire study 1993-2004. BMJ, doi:10.1136/bmj.39568.623750.BE (published 16 June 2008)

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