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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #035
August 01, 2009

New Questions and Answers

Question:i have a baby brother who is about 6 and a half months old. Tonight,he fell off the bed in which he sleeps and landed on the marble floor. He alerted us a with a loud cry and I found him startled. I want to know if there are any complications arising from this situation. And if there are,what should we do to prevent any serious complications? The bed is about 2 feet off the ground.

Answer: Most falls in babies from a height of 2 feet do not cause serious injury. Occasionally, there could be a crack in the skull but this only happens occasionally and there are usually no bad effects from it if it is uncomplicated.

The important thing is to note whether there are worrying signs after the head injury. Worrying signs include:

  • - losing consciousness with the fall - this probably didn't happen to your brother as he cried immediately
  • - drowsiness when awake over the next 6 hours after the head injury
  • - persistent vomiting after the head injury
  • - blood coming from the nose or ear
  • - difficulty waking the child especially over the first 6 hours
If the baby has any of the above or if you are just very worried, then it is best to seek emergency medical advice for the concussion.

Question:My grandson's stomach is huge. He is 10 months and I have never seen a stomach so big. It is not hard and he is not in any pain. He also has not had any shots. Is this normal?

Answer:I assume your grandson has had normal baby checks - if so, someone should have felt his tummy. Some children and infants have large tummys and there is nothing to worry about, but large tummys can also signal disease.

If your grandson is not growing well, then tests for celiac disease might be useful - read more

If you think there is a lump in the tummy or worried about other aspects of your grandson's, see your doctor for an examination.

Question:About two weeks ago my baby woke up with a puffy eye. It's her right eye and it's not red/pussing and doesn't seem to hurt her. At this same time she started sleeping on her right side. I told my pediatrician about it and she said as long as it's not red/pussing or bothering her, it's alright. It did go away for like one day but now it's back and there almost everyday now. I want to make sure it's alright and wondering how to prevent it.

Answer:Children often have puffiness around the eye when they wake especially if they have been lying on that side. The fluid that is in the tissues falls to the lowest point by gravity. It ususally settles once the head has been upright for a while.

Your pediatrician is right - as long as the eye is not red or have a discharge (pus) and the swelling settles, there is nothing to worry about. It is most probably related to your baby's sleeping position.

See your doctor if:

  • the eye is red - either the white of the eye or the skin around the eye
  • the eye has pus
  • the swelling doesn't get better when your baby has been upright for a while - so the swelling just keeps getting worse

Question:My two year old toddler woke up with nose bleed. For the past few days lots of dust in air from road construction.

Answer:Please see the Nose Bleeding page - I hope it answers your question.

News and Updates

Regular Inhaled Steroids for Asthma

If your child is prescribed inhaled steroids for their asthma, studies have shown it is better to give this regularly until the symptoms have resolved before reducing the dose or stopping rather than just give intermittently when your child has bad asthma. As long as the asthma comes under control and then the dose is reduced, there should be no adverse effects from giving the inhaled steroid regularly twice daily.
Reference: Turpeinen M, Nikander K, Pelkonen AS, et al. Daily versus as-needed inhaled corticosteroid for mild persistent asthma (The Helsinki early intervention childhood asthma study). Arch Dis Child. 2008 Aug;93(8):654-9. Epub 2007 Jul 18. (Original) PMID: 17634183

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