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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #034
July 01, 2009

New Questions and Answers

Question:I have a 14 months baby, on sunday she way playing as usual and started crying. I thought she had something on her bottom but I checked and there was nothing and she behaved fine. That night, she couldn't sleep very well. She kind of had reflexes on her hand and legs and got irritated and woke up. Are this twitchy reflexes normal or should I worry?

Answer: It is difficult to say exactly what is wrong with your daughter from the information you have given. If your daughter has slightly jerky movements that are not sustained and you can stop by holding her hand or legs, then you probably don't have to worry.

If there are jerking movements that you can't stop by holding the arm or leg, it sounds like a seizure - these are usually associated with fevers in young children, so they are have symptoms suggestive of a cold or other infection. These are quite benign as long as they are short (less than 15 minutes). See Febrile Seizures.

Your daughter is probably fine, but if you are still worried, it is best to see your doctor who can examine your daughter.

Question: My 20 months old baby boy has frequent fever for the last 5 months. When I give him medicine the fever goes and again after some days comes back. Secondly he also has problem passing stool. I mean he puts so much energy to pass the stool (Hard Stool). Can you please advise what are the most common reasons for this??

Answer:Infants aged 20 months do get frequent fevers - usually due to viral infections. See Viral Infections.

Hard stools mean constipation. In the first instance, give more fluids and even some apple juice. After that, if the problem persists, he may need laxatives.

Question: In New Zealand, Lemnis Fatty Cream is no longer available. What do you recommend as an alternative daily moisturiser?

Answer: At the moment the only funded options in New Zealand are Aqueous Cream, Emulsifying Ointment and Cetromacrogol cream. Alternatives may be available in the future - I will keep you posted.

Question: How much cereal should a 4 month old baby be eating with his bottle?

Answer: Start with a teaspoon or 2 and slowly build up as your baby will take food. Don't force the food - you will know when your baby is not interested in it anymore.

See weaning to solids.

News and Updates

Help for Unwanted Facial Hair

This is for the mums who may have a problem with unwanted facial hair.
There is a new non-hormone cream available that has been shown to slow the growth of facial hair. So once you have removed the hair, as long as you apply the cream, Vaniqa (Eflorithine), twice daily, most women see a decrease in the amount of facial hair and an improvement in their appearance. Ask your doctor about it if you have a problem.

Have you seen this website?

MamaToMama - this site was recommended by Kitty, a visitor to the site - she felt it had the best advice on toddler tantrums that she had come across. You might find it useful too.

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