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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #022
July 01, 2008

New Questions and Answers

Question: My daughter who is 2 years old is sick and has fever blisters/cold sorce all over the outside & inside of her mouth all the way to the back of her throat. Which has not been easy at all to get her to take the treatment that her doctor has subscribed for her. But now it seems that her mouth is getting worse & I can't even force any food or liquids down her, not even any soup broth, or jello. She can't have any milk or milk based products. What should I do?! Can she have Ensure drinks?

Answer: It sounds as if your daughter has Herpes gingivostomatitis. It is not uncommon for children to have difficulty eating and drinking - sometimes they even need an intravenous drip for a day or so.

Have you tried using Difflam spray - it can ease the discomfort and then often children will be able to drink.

I'm not sure why you said your daughter couldn't have milk or milk products but I'm assuming she has an allergy or has lactose intolerance. Ensure is lactose free which is okay for lactose intolerance, but it is actually marketed as an adult drink.

For children with lactose intolerance, the drink you could try is Elecarre, Pediasure or Similac. If your daughter has cow's milk protein intolerance or milk allergy, you could try Elecare or Similac "Go and Grow" soy based formula.

If your daughter is still not drinking, you may need to see a doctor for consideration of an iv.

Question: I was wondering what it means when my 2 and 3 year olds are eating sand?


It might just be normal but sometimes when children eat unusual objects including soil and paper, and sand, it can be abnormal and is called pica.

Pica can be due to low iron levels or high lead levels. Children with pica eat unusual non-nutritious objects or substances, particularly soil.

If you live in an old house that may have been painted with lead-based paint, then ask for a lead test.

If not, ask your doctor to check your children's iron levels and try and increase the iron in their diets.

See Toddler Nutrition for nutrition information.

Question: I have a 5 month old. I was wondering if incense smoke would be bad for him, i love the smell of incense, and I didn't want to burn any until I knew for sure he'd be ok.

Answer: It is better if children are not exposed to smoke even if it is incense. Maybe you can find something else that gives fragrance without burning.

Question: I have a question about my baby (7 months old, female). From her birth she has had a soft, small red colored bump in her right arm near to her shoulder.Nowadays the bump is a little bigger (about 3cm width by 2 cm ). I also found this bump is little hotter than other area of skin.

Is there any remedy for it other than surgery. Please give me an answer/opinion.

Answer: I think your daughter probably has a strawberry naevus - see the Birthmark page.

No surgery is required and it will go away by itself if it is a strawberry nevus.

News and Updates

Best Treatment for Cross Eyes (squint) - a new review of treatment for "cross eyes" (squint or strabismus) has shown that combining part-time occlusion (covering the eye) and refractive correction (glasses) with near activities may be more effective than occlusion and refractive correction alone.

Shotton K, et al. Interventions for strabismic amblyopia. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2008 Apr 16;(2):CD006461.

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