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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #032
May 01, 2009

New Questions and Answers

Question: Is it normal for a 1 Month old to have white-milky stuff coming out of her nipple?.It's not's a solid but it's not hard it's soft...It's something similar to a coil

Answer: It is normal for some babies to have a nipple discharge which can look like milk and is often referred to as "witches milk". More than likely the discharge has become a bit congealed which is why it seems more solid.

This is nothing to worry about. Do not try and squeeze the nipple. If the skin around the nipple looks red and inflamed, see your doctor as there may be secondary infection.

For more information, see the Breast Lump page.

Question: I have a concern about my daughter she is almost 18 months old and about 2 months ago I noticed a lump under her right nipple. She had been sick for a little while so I figured it was just a swollen gland and it would go down I now notice that it has not gone away and is still there.

Answer:Your daughter sounds as if she has a breast cyst - these are usually quite benign and eventually disappear by themselves.

Question: My little girl who is 2 years and 9 months, has been experiencing a weird rash. She did not have a rash at first, but vomited at night, in the vehicle unexpectedly. There were no prior signs that she did not feel well. Then that Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday night she vomited in the night time only. It was not forceful or a large amount, no bile and definitely food.

During these days she was not herself - less active, ate less and was tired. We took her to the doctors on the Monday, he seemed to be unsure, but thought she was a little dehydrated and thought it could be a virus and suggested we give her liquid gravol for two nights. We also provided a urine sample, which came out fine.

We did this and she is no longer throwing up and seems to be more herself. Since the Monday, the day we went to the doctor's, she has been getting small red rashes on her body (we notice it most on her face, but has seen it also on her back and foot). it will suddenly appear, then within 15-20 minutes it is gone. then sometimes a few minutes later, other times an hour or so another rash will appear in a different place and disappear.

She is not on any medication. But has a history of recurrent bladder infections. But she has not had one since late December now.

I am just not sure about the rash, and have never heard of one doing that. Also with the nighttime vomiting too.

Any ideas as to what all that is would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:The most likely thing is that this is a viral rash - they can be very fine. Over the next few days, this should disappear.

Question: I was just wondering how often a 7 month old baby girl should poop a day. my little girl has been pooping 4-5 times a day is that normal?

Answer: If your baby has always pooped 4-5 times a day and is growing normally I wouldn't be worried. This is probably just normal for her.

If this is a more recent thing or has occurred after you have introduced a new food, it may be an indication of an allergy.

If your daughter is unwell with a fever, this may be gastroenteritis.

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ASCIA stands for Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy and there are useful patient information leaflets including several on allergy and asthma.

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