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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #030
March 01, 2009

New Questions and Answers

Question: My 5 month old daughter has had oral thrush for about a week. Her doctor said that it was a mild case and to just watch it for a few days. Her voice has now become hoarse (probably for about 2-3 days) and she has not been crying excessively. Should I take her back to the doctor or is this common?

Answer: Your daughter should have some treatment - see Baby Thrush for treatment options and links to fluconazole information. Thrush is common but it is better to treat it when it is causing a hoarse voice. Also your doctor needs to check that your baby's overall health and growth is normal.

Question: My husband and I now have full custody of our 11-mnth old grandson. Since having him we see that our daughter(his mother)has been laying him down with a bottle.Now every time we lay him down for bed he screams till he gets a bottle.Please help us try to figure out what to do with out having him scream so much he makes him self sick.He has been laying down with bottle for about 4-mnths we have been told.Once he gets the bottle he drinks very short time and off to sleep for the night waking up far and few if any at all.please suggest something (HELP)

Answer:Your grandson had developed a habit - you will need to change that. It sounds as if your grandson is only comfort sucking rather than actually needing the fluid.

There are a number of things you could try - once you decide which one you are going to try, you will need to stick with it - sometimes when you try to change a habit, it gets worse first. For example, if you don't give your grandson a bottle, he will cry. He will cry a loud and long as he needs to until you give him a bottle - that's how he sees it. He will only stop doing this when it becomes clear that it won't work. So, if you have given in at all, what he will have learned is that crying more works so he'll keep doing it. You need to be strong in your resolve.

I would not suggest "cold turkey" in this case - perhaps swap the bottle for a pacifier so your grandson still has the comfort of sucking but doesn't have the dental problems that occur with bottles.

I would also use the "Controlled Crying Technique" when he cries.

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Question:My 11th mth old daughter moves her feet & hands in circles when excited is this normal?

Answer: It is normal for babies to move their hands and feet around. If your daughter is doing everything else she should (see Development 6 12 months), then don't be concerned.

Question: Hi there - my daughter who is 1 month old has a blocked nose when she is sleeping. She wakes up crying because her nose is blocked. What can we do?

Answer:You should ask your doctor for some normal saline nose drops. Put a drop in each of your baby's nostrils before sleep and before each feed. This will help open up the nasal passages.

News and Updates

Probiotic Spray helps children with Glue Ear (Fluid in the Ear)

A recent study has shown a positive effect of a spray containing a probiotic given for 10 days to children with glue ear (fluid in the ear) who were awaiting ventilation ear tube (grommet) surgery. About half the patients in the treatment group had complete recovery before surgery.

Reference: Skovbjerg S, Roos K, Holm SE, et al. Spray bacteriotherapy decreases middle ear fluid in children with secretory otitis media. Arch Dis Child. 2009 Feb;94(2):92-8. Epub 2008 Aug 19.

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Eat Well - a UK website by the Foods Standards Agency with all sorts of useful hints on healthy eating patterns, for children and adults.

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