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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #018
March 01, 2008

New Questions and Answers

Question: I have a 22 month old daughter. Generally I don't have a problem putting her down for bed at night. She usually sings herself to sleep with 45 minutes. Every now and then she puts up a fuss and has a screaming fit in her crib. I ignore it for as long as I can until she starts throwing up. When she starts vomiting, it's not just a little bit. It's enough to soak her sheets from one end to the other as well as her jammies and there will also be a puddle on the floor. How do I stop the temper tantrum? I can ignore the tantrum but ignoring the vomiting makes me feel like a horrible mom! Any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated!

Answer: You are right to ignore the behavior but your daughter sounds like she makes it pretty hard with the dramatic vomiting. I think it gets that bad because that's the thing that works now.

When your daughter does vomit, you should remain as casual as possible. do what you need to - change her clothes and the bedclothes if necessary, but don't interact in any other way. Don't be cross but be completely "it doesn't matter to me at all". When you have finished what you need to do, just put your daughter back in bed and leave.

Behaviors get worse before they get better so be prepared for your daughter to up the performance. She will eventually get the message that it's futile when you continue not to give in - if you give her any positive response, it will only make it worse and take longer to resolve.

Question: My 16 month old grandson still refuses to eat with utensils, we try to coax him to use it but he just throws it down and eats with his fingers. This concerns me that he is still now using utensils and doesn't seem to want to, is there reason for concern?

Answer: I wouldn't be concerned at all. I wouldn't even expect a child under 18 months to be able to feed well from a spoon anyway. The best thing is not to make a fuss and your grandson will use utensils when he's ready.

Question: My 4 year old granddaughter is always walking on her tip toes because she wants to be a Ballerina. Her toes are starting to spread and curve like the small toe is curved. Will this eventually hurt her feet?


Walking on her tiptoes shouldn't hurt your granddaughter's feet although persistently walking on tiptoes can cause the achilles tendon to shorten (it just gets used to being short and so stays that way).

It is important that your granddaughter can put her ankle through a full range of movement so after her daily bath her mother could just move the ankle up and down giving all the muscles a gentle stretch.

If your granddaughter is unable to put her foot flat, then see your doctor.

Question: I have 12 month old daughter and her right breast has become slightly swollen and noticeably larger than her left side, there is no bruising, but it has been this way for two weeks. Sometimes the nipple itself is much redder than the right also. There has been no trauma to the area, that we know of. I have made an appointment for nest week with her pediatrician, but any insight would be great! Thank you so much!

Answer: This is probably a benign breast cyst - it make take months to disappear rather than weeks. If the skin looks red and feels warm, it may be infected and your doctor will need to give antibiotics.

See the page on breast lumps for more information - click here

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