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News from Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #040
January 01, 2010

New Questions and Answers

Question:My daughter who is 3.5yrs has given me a fright twice recently with her lips turning a very deep blue. The first time was a month ago and they turned blue one night then by the next morning seemed to returned to a pink colour. She seemed otherwise fine. Then last week they turned blue on Tuesday, Wed saw the Dr and the oxygen levels and pulse seemed fine but her lips stayed blue to purple/blue for three days. What could be causing this as no one seems to be too worried but I worry something must be causing this?

Answer: I think the important thing is that the oxygen saturation was normal when your daughter had blue lips - as the most worrying cause of blue lips is low oxygen levels in the blood.

The other reason for blue lips is cold weather and poor circulation to the lips, which is not serious.

Toddlers can have blue spells when they hold their breath with crying and again this is not serious - for more information, click here

I think the reason that nobody is worried is because the oxygen levels have been checked and were normal. The only really serious cause of blue lips is low oxygen levels in the blood, as I said earlier.

Question: My 13 month old son has his penis swollen with a white crusty discharge. What is it?

Answer:It is probably smegma which is the creamy substance that forms under the foreskin. If it isn't removed regularly by gently pulling back the foreskin, it can build up and can sometimes get infected. If your son's penis is red, then he may have an infection (balanitis) and will need treatment from your doctor.

If the penis is not red, then follow the directions on the Foreskin Care.

Good luck

Question:My child who is 2 3/4 years old throws outstanding tantrums all day. We can't take him anywhere. We have tried everything from talking calm and reasoning with him, we've tried time outs. We've tried all solutions that are online and nothing works. He just does not like to listen. Is something wrong with him or us?

Answer:I think you will find the information you are wanting on the following pages:

You may also find the audio course called "Talking to Toddlers" useful - click here

Question: Hi there, do you have any info on the best positions to hold baby in for burping after a feed?

Answer:You don't say what age baby so I'm going to assume a newborn or baby who hasn't yet developed head control.

There are various positions for burping - the underlying principle is to have the baby upright with the back straight so relieving pressure on the stomach that can occur if the baby is hunched over.

You can hold your baby with the thumb and forefinger of one hand holding the jaw bone to keep the baby'e head up and to keep the back straight and the baby sitting on your lap in a slight triangular position.

Or hold your baby with one hand on the chest and one on the back - start in a sitting position and then gently lift your baby off your lap - I've seen it advised that you then give your baby a kiss on the top of the head. It's supposed to relax both of you. It can't hurt.

Or check out the photos on the Burping Baby page.

News and Updates

Enemas effective for severe constipation in children

When children get fecal impaction, treatment is usually with oral laxatives such as PEG. A recent study showed that enemas were equally effective and tolerated relatively well. I would start with an oral laxative for fecal impaction, but consider enemas when other measures were not working.

Reference:Bekkali NL, van den Berg MM, Dijkgraaf MG, et al. Rectal fecal impaction treatment in childhood constipation: enemas versus high doses oral PEG. Pediatrics. 2009 Dec;124(6):e1108-15.

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Baby Hold has lists of baby names and their meanings. A good place to start if you are expecting a new baby - of course, you'll find loads of useful information on this site - check out the Baby Index

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