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Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #100 Viral Skin Rashes
February 01, 2015

Welcome to another edition of Baby Medical Q&A News. I'm very proud to say it's the 100th issue. Yay!!!


Viral Skin Rashes

This month I want to talk a little about viral skin rashes. Skin rashes are one of the most common reasons for parents to contact me.

One of the most common rashes that children get intermittently are viral rashes.

So how do you determine what kind of rash your child has:

- first, look at the rash and see what description fits best (check the different descriptions on the main skin page - click here
- once you have decided what description best suits the rash, check out the links to the most common causes of rashes like that

Viral Skin Rashes - characteristics

So here are a few characteristics of viral rashes, which cause parents a lot of worry. The rash :
  • can be red or pink and blanch when pressed on (so lose color when you press on them which you can do with a glass so you can see what is happening underneath). Take note that any red or pink or purple rash that does not blanch requires medical attention - read more about rashes that don't blanch here
  • can be very faint and you may be able to feel slight bumpiness on the skin or you may see quite obvious spots
  • can be any place on the body, commonly on the face and or trunk. The rash may start on the face, for example, and then progress to the back
  • your child will often be off color generally in keeping with having a virus. However, some rashes appear a few days after the main viral symptoms so it may seem as if your child is well. Fifth disease rash typically appears a few days after your child has been off-color - see more
Luckily for you and your child, most viral illnesses are self-resolving which means they get better without any specific treatment.

You can read more on viral skin rashes and view examples of these rashes by clicking here

A website that you may find helpful

I like this Healthline website which has lots of pictures of common rashes that should also help you figure out what rash your child may have - click here

Please feel free to share this ezine with family and friends.

Till next time,

Dr Maud

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