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Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #092 Potty Training
June 01, 2014

Welcome to another edition of Baby Medical Q&A News.

Potty Training

This month's ezine is about potty training. I chose this topic after a recent question on the site that I thought might be an issue other parents are facing and would like information on, so this is the question and my answer.


So my 4yr old son has been peeing in the potty for over a year now and hes always stood since learning...

Now my problem ia getting him to now poop in the potty, he will tell me that he has to poop and he wants me to put a pull up on him which I'm guilty of doing because I'm scared of him hurting himself by holding it in for to long! I dont know what to do. He will go to pre kindergaten all day long without pooping.. HELP PLEASE!!

Dr Maud answers

First thing is to rest assured that your son won't come to any harm for holding on during the day. As long as he is having a bowel motion daily or every second day and it's soft and formed, I would consider that normal.

Your son has got into the habit of having the pull-up and you just need to change that habit.

The first thing may just be to get your son comfortable with sitting on the potty or the toilet. It's important that when he sits that his feet at on a firm surface (he may need a stool if sitting on the toilet) and his knees should be above the level of his hips.

Get your son to sit on the potty or toilet about 15 minutes after a meal or snack (afternoon is a good time as it doesn't interfere with getting to school or to bed). Get him to sit there for at least 5 minutes and if you can even a bit longer. Use a timer and give him a book to read or something to do so he is relaxed.

You could also give him a balloon to blow up while he's sitting - this will increase the pressure in the abdominal area and help him poop. You can read more here.

In the first instance it doesn't matter that he doesn't poop on the toilet or potty. This is just getting him used to it and setting him up for success.

Once he is comfortable sitting on the toilet or potty, you can put him there when he asks for a pull-up. Using a reward chart can be really useful as well, particularly if you involve your child in the goals and in recording their success.

Have you seen this website?

Free Potty Training Chart Templates is a site where you can download some great charts to use for potty training and they're free. Yay! There's one for everyone - superheros, cars, Elmo, princesses, little kitty. Check them out and see what one will suit your child.

If you want an app, try this

iCan Toilet Training app is an app for your iphone or ipad. You can also download the free guide, iCan Toilet Training Program Manual & Keys to Success, on the Sandbox Learning website for important set up information and additional tips for successful toilet training.

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Till next time,

Dr Maud

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