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Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #091 Pay It Forward
May 01, 2014

Welcome to another edition of Baby Medical Q&A News.

Pay it forward

This month, I want to introduce you to my new website - This is a pay-it-forward website which I'll expand on a bit at the end of this ezine.

It got me thinking about how you could use the pay-it-forward concept in your parenting. For anyone who's to sure what I mean by pay-it-forward, it's basically where you do a good deed first, as opposed to paying a favour back. So with pay-it-forward you aren't rewarding anything and you don't expect anything back other than to set an example so hopefully the other person pays a kindness forward to someone else.

So, here are some ideas of how you can use this with your parenting:

  • Tell your child how proud you are of them for being successful in achieving his goals and do this before any have been achieved
  • Tell your child how much you love her fun- loving nature and do it even when it's just a usual day
  • Tell your child how much you admire his independence and the fact that he wants to do things for himself even if it's first thing in the morning and he is still waking up
  • Tell your child how proud you are of how she is kind to other children

There are likely to be a few benefits to this approach:

  • Your child will feel good about themselves for just being without having to have done anything - that is a good feeling and it's important for children to learn that they are ok just as they are
  • Intermittent reinforcement is very powerful, so comments like this are likely to lead to positive results because your child wants more of these comments
  • It will make a change from being the one to point out negatives if that is how you see yourself, and that will feel good for you

So my new website - is where I share my photographs and where you can download for free to use for yourself or as a gift. That's my pay-it-forward but I hope to inspire as well by showing beauty in the everyday. Please check it out and follow if you like it.

Please feel free to share this ezine with family and friends.

Till next time,

Dr Maud

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