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Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #099 New Year New You
January 01, 2015

Welcome to another edition of Baby Medical Q&A News.

Start the Year with a Commitment to a New You


Stuck in an energetic gridlock?

Still spinning your wheels?

You won't find this on your roadmap

Imagine your morning commute.

When traffic is flowing smoothly, you know exactly how to reach your destination, and how long it will take you to get there.

The journey is calm. Quiet. Easy.

You can change course at the drop of a hat. Avoiding obstacles as they arise.

But what if you run into a traffic jam?

If you're lucky, you might run into a detour. You'll reach your goal but you'll have to go out of your way.

And if you're unlucky?

You end up stuck in place. Spinning your wheels. And when traffic does move forward, it's only by a few feet here or there.

Leaving you frustrated. Exhausted. Hopeless.

Ok, so now stop picturing your car and think: does this feeling sound familiar?

The truth is, most people are in a state of energetic gridlock when it comes to manifesting the life we want.

And that?s because there are 24 Abundance Blocks causing serious energetic "congestion" in your life.

I'll let Christie Marie Sheldon explain. She is without a doubt one of the finest energetic healers out there today.

And she has not only identified each one of these 24 specific "Abundance Blocks" - she has also figured out some simple techniques to help you painlessly eliminate them.

Check out the 24 "Abundance Blocks" that might be holding you back from your goals

I hope you find this useful. Thank you for supporting Baby Medical Questions and Answers.

Dr Maud

PS: Here is what some people have experienced after working with Christie's system:

"I just wanted to let you know that I purchased Unlimited Abundance recently and I listened to one session per day for 24 consecutive days. The results have been way beyond anything I could've imagined in my wildest dreams.

I was working full time for a software company and we were going through a restructuring. I had a feeling my job was going to be eliminated so I wanted to test Christie's Unlimited Abundance exercises. I started manifesting that $20,000 or more would come to me in some fashion during February. Today is only February 13th and $30,000 of unexpected money has come into my life. I was notified today that my job is ending next week and I'm receiving 3 months severance which I wasn't expecting. I've also received numerous consulting opportunities that I'm sure came to me once I removed my blockages. I will easily receive more than $40,000 this month because of my clearing the blockages. I was especially blocking my ability to receive from the universe. I love to give but always felt uncomfortable receiving but Christie removed those blocks for me.

Thank you and Christie for changing my life. She's amazing!!"

- Ted Prodromou

>>> See for yourself how Unlimited Abundance can change your life

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Till next time,

Dr Maud

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