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Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #102 Lose Baby Weight Fast
April 01, 2015

Welcome to another edition of Baby Medical Q&A News.

Lose baby weight the easy way

This month I am going to talk about getting rid of baby weight. I am not an expert in exercise physiology and this is not my usual field of practice but I am asked for advice a lot.

So, first I want to reiterate that this is purely my opinion and I am not an expert. However, this is a system I use myself and I think is a very do-able exercise program for a busy new mom. And this is the advice I give when I'm asked.

And, of course, this advice is not just for new moms but also for anyone wanting to reduce weight or just stay fit.

So let me direct you to one of my favorite resources and one I think you'll love too. It's called T-Tapp which is an exercise program developed by Teresa Tapp - hence the name.

Visit The Website

I also love the fact that there is a special site for moms - see T-Tapp Moms

Why I love this program?

  • the Basic Plus program takes just 15 minutes a day - yes, just 15 minutes and however tired I may feel and want to miss exercise, I tell myself that I can spare 15 minutes and once I've finished I often add a few more exercises
  • Teresa encourages starters to do the exercise for 14 days in a row to see visible results (as in dropping inches and/or dress sizes) and in my experience, this is the case
  • you don't have to increase weights or reps or sets as you progress. All you need to do is improve technique and once you are in maintenance mode, you can just do 2 days a week of exercise, although I daresay you will feel inclined to do more
  • Teresa doesn't expect you to diet when you start the exercise which is great news for new moms who are breast-feeding.
  • you don't need special equipment or even much room
  • for those who have more weight to lose or have other health issues there is a special MORE rehab program which includes a sequence you can do in a chair. So no excuses :-)

Go to the T-Tapp website

Bonus for Great Skin

Whats more, Teresa has a proven system for reducing cellulite and stretch marks and getting your skin back to looking fabulous. She uses skin brushing and you can get all you need from the brush to instructions on her site. Personally, I use a T-Tapp skin brush and love what it does to my skin - it makes it feel so smooth and helps the tone.

Go to the T-Tapp website

Want more motivation?

Read the success stories on the website. They will blow you away. For example, see Rebeca T Success

Also look at the videos that are available on the website in the Try before you Buy section.

Go to the T-Tapp website

My advice to start out

  • Look at the success stories to get really motivated.
  • Look at the vidoes on the website in the Try before you Buy section
  • Buy the DVD for the T-Tapp Basic Plus program, at the least. The book is great but quite technical so if you're not a seasoned exerciser, the DVDs are easier to follow. If you're really keen, get the T-Tapp Total Workout which includes Basic Plus. When you go to the Store from the link at the top of the page, then hit the Starter Program link on the left
  • Consider the skin brush with instructions
  • If you are a bit heavier or have other health problems, rather than start with the Basic Plus, buy the T-Tapp MORE rehab program, and move onto the Basic Plus or any other program when you're ready. Again, you find this program in the Starter section.

I hope you love this program as much as I do.

Go to the T-Tapp website

Go to T-Tapp Moms

Please feel free to share this ezine with family and friends.

Till next time,

Dr Maud

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