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Baby Medical Q&A, Issue #095 Healing
September 01, 2014

Welcome to another edition of Baby Medical Q&A News.


I am writing this ezine a day after the funeral of a dear friend, Joy. Sadly she died less than 6 weeks after her diagnosis of cancer. I produced some images for her as part of her healing process - images that I hoped would give her hope and inspiration when she needed it. You can view them on

My friend, Joy,  (which by the way is the perfect name for her because she was and always will be joy in her friend's hearts), taught me a lot about healing during her short illness. Healing is not necessarily about cure, it's about finding peace within and I believe that's what Joy did.

After getting over the initial shock of her diagnosis, Joy accepted the challenge of her illness. There was much that Joy couldn't control, but she could control how she dealt with the news and how she approached every day. She took immediate action in her healing - she changed her diet and included only natural healthy food and drink, she changed her surroundings and clothing to reflect her new bright shining self and she made time to see her friends and have fun with them. At the same time she started her conventional medical treatment.

I saw her several times over those last few weeks and she looked radiant and healthy up until the last time I saw her. On that occasion, a week before her death, she was having a belated birthday party (as her diagnosis came the day before her actual birthday). Unfortunately, she had developed a respiratory tract infection so she was not well and had no voice. Despite this, she sat and greeted her friends with love, laughter and joy. I remember her looking over to me and giving me one of her cheeky grins as she shrugged her shoulders - I could see she was happy.

That is what healing is and I am so grateful to have had Joy as a friend and for the lesson she gave me.

Healing comes from your attitude and beliefs - you can control those.
If you are sick or have a friend or loved one who is ill, you may find these resources helpful:

So, Rest in Peace Joy Betts. It was a privilege to know you.

I think this quote from Reinhold Niebuhr sums up healing

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference. 

Please feel free to share this ezine with family and friends.

Till next time,

Dr Maud

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